6. Daily Routine - Wake, Eat, Play, Calm, Sleep

Whether itโ€™s like you or not, know that MOST babies need a routine. We had no routine for our baby girl until she was 3 months, where she told us she wanted a routine. A basic routine that works for most is Wake, Eat, Play, Calm, Sleep. So when your child wakes from her nap/sleep they are to eat, followed by some playtime, then into a calm state to wind down, possibly book reading or watching cartoons, and then to sleep again. It will take a good 2 weeks to get a routine going and to feel comfortable but you will be so happy you did. A routine is a perfect way to help baby sleep soundly as they know itโ€™s coming and they will not worry or wonder whatโ€™s ahead for them. Again Happy Baby makes for happy Parents.

Fill His Belly for Bed
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