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30 Things Many Children like ...

By Melanie

Children are full of innocence – they really are. They also have a big imagination and like many different things because of that imagination. I was told that 30 things may be too many things to list, but like I said, kids like a lot of different things. I think 30 things aren't enough! Let me give you those 30 things many children like …

1 Astronauts

Yes, children tend to like these guys and girls. Many kids have dreams of being one.

nnnnnnnnnnnnn awesome...

2 Parades

My little girl always seems to enjoy parades. When it is the Christmas parade, she gets to see Santa at the end.

nnnnnnnnnnnnn my kids love them...

3 Getting Presents

Tell me, what child does not like to get presents?

4 3D Movies

There are more and more 3D movies that are coming out just for kids.

5 The Circus

As a child, I always liked the circus.

6 Balloons

I know a little boy that is obsessed with balloons!

7 Bubble Baths

Oh yes, bubble baths are excellent!

8 Bubble Gum

And don't forget about bubble gum to go along with it.

9 Staying up Late

Kids will try to stay up late with every chance they get.

10 Candy

Many kids enjoy candy. I must say, my daughter doesn't really like candy. I'm happy about that.

Ahana well I like candy ...

11 Campfires

As a child, I always enjoyed campfires and roasting my marshmallows (even though I don't like marshmallows).

12 Comic Books

I remember reading comic books as a child.

13 Coloring

Coloring is fun for every child – I still like sitting down and coloring with my daughter.

14 Their Teacher

When kids first start to go to school, many of them look up to their teachers.

15 Bugs

This is especially true for little boys.

THE nah ...

16 Cupcakes

It's hard to pass the cupcake aisle when you have a kid. They make it even worst by adding Spongebob and princess's on there.

17 Musical Instruments

Children enjoy musical instruments. I know I sure did.

18 Stuffed Animals

I still have stuffed animals from when I was a child.

19 Real Animals

Apart from them being stuffed, they also like real animals.

20 Frogs

Boys like frogs! As a girl, I liked playing with frogs.

21 Fishing Poles

Some kids are obsessed with fishing poles.

22 Blacklight Things

When I showed my little girl something in the blacklight, she was amazed.

23 Highlights Magazines

I remember getting these when I was little.

24 Lolipops

Yummy. Take note, I have put candy on this list, but I also had to add lollipops.

25 Lizards

As a child, I was obsessed with lizards. To this day, I still am.

26 Ice Cream

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

27 Microphones

Give my little girl a microphone and she will show you how to use it.

28 The Beach

I always liked the beach and so does my little one.

29 Pools

I still have memories of pools.

30 Loving Parents

Last but not least, kids enjoy having loving parents.

Those are 30 things many children like. So, what does your child like?

Top Photo Credit: reneemariacrystal

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