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Ways To Entertain Children Indoors is something that you should know whether you are a mother or plan to be one in the future! Children love to play outside, but it doesn't always work out that way. When the weather ruins your plans, or on days you are too busy to drop everything and go outside, this list will give you some fun ideas for entertaining children indoors! I've had lots of experience, so I hope I can provide some bomb suggestions and ways to entertain children indoors!

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Make a Fort

Here is a way to entertain children indoors that most kids love to do! When it's too rainy for them to go out and enjoy their treehouse, you can let them have their cake and eat it too. Build a makeshift fort out of blankets, chairs, laundry baskets, and anything else you have handy to use! Let them go as crazy and extravagant as they want! You can let them have flashlights and snacks to take inside when it's finished, and this idea will keep them entertained for hours!


Arts and Crafts

A great tip for entertaining children indoors is to let them have an arts and crafts day. Little children especially love this! All you need is construction paper, scissors, glue, stickers, crayons, and any other craft supplies you have laying around. Give them a project to make, such as a banner for their room, or a Get-Well-Soon card for Grandma. You can also let them make face masks using paper plates and a little elastic string!


Play Dough

What kid doesn't love play dough? I remember playing with play dough all the time when I was growing up! Now, you can purchase little machines and accessories for the play dough, and this is a great way to entertain children indoors! Just make sure they keep it in one area to minimize the mess later on!



My grandmother always had a huge box with dress up items that my cousins and I could play with when we were younger. It was so much fun! With a few odds and ends, you can become a pirate, a ballerina, a nurse, a president, or a chef. You can throw in old tablecloths and high heels you no longer wear, as well as scarfs and costume jewelry. Children will use their imaginations to create any sort of ensemble!


Block City

If you're looking for a way to quietly entertain children indoors, this might be your best bet! Give your children a set of blocks, and a box of small toy cars. They can use the blocks to build a "city", and then drive their cars through it!


Puppet Show

Letting your children put on a puppet show is one of the best ways to entertain children indoors! They love the fact that your attention is focused completely on them. And if you don't have time to stop and watch, let them put on the show for each other. Simply set up an area with a makeshift curtain and let them have a ball. You can even let them put some of your old socks to good use and make their own puppets!


Video Surveillance

Here's a fabulous way to entertain children indoors AND make memories in the process! Buy your child a disposable camera and let them use it to take pictures with. You'd be surprised at the things kids notice! Another idea is to let your child use the video camera to make videos with. If you want, you could buy an inexpensive video camera just for this purpose!


Treasure Chest

Here's one of the top best ways to entertain children indoors! When you have the extra money, pick up small items and toys you know your child will love. Keep them hidden away in a box. On days that your child is bored, or you need to occupy them while you take care of other things, pull out the treasure box! It will have all new toys in it, and your child will be entertained for quite a while!

Coming up with Ways To Entertain Children Indoors really isn't so hard when you put a little creativity into it! Children are usually easily satisfied and nearly all of these ideas for entertaining children indoors is something that they can do without your help. I hope you have gotten some great tips from my article today! Do you have any suggestions or ways to entertain children indoors? Please comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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With the treasure box you could even have a treasure hunt first!!

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