7 St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids ...


7 St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids ...
7 St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids ...

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and if you have kids or work with them and are looking for some fun ways to celebrate the holiday, there are loads of creative St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids that you can do. Grab some green food coloring, green construction paper and pretty much anything else that is green that you have and get ready to celebrate with these fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids.

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An Irish Breakfast

Start your St. Patrick’s Day activities first thing in the morning with an Irish breakfast. Get out the green food coloring and add some to your scrambled eggs, cream cheese, milk and anything else that you are serving that will accept the green dye. Your kids will shriek with delight when their favorite breakfast foods have been touched by a leprechaun.


St. Patrick’s Day Stories

Teach your kids about the history of St. Patrick’s Day and let them discover the magic and mystery that is associated with this fun-filled holiday by reading them books about the holiday. There are loads of books about St. Patrick’s Day, from historical fiction to clever tales of leprechauns and fairies.


Make a Leprechaun Trap

According to legend, if you catch a leprechaun, you will receive his gold; but they can sure be tricky to catch. Have your kids help you create a leprechaun trap using shoeboxes, string, baskets or anything else that they think will be useful in trapping the little mischief maker.


Hunt for Gold

Send your kids on a hunt for a leprechaun’s gold on St. Patrick’s Day. Cut out little footprints from green construction paper and place them around your house – on the walls, on the floors and even on the ceiling. Arrange the footprints so that they lead to a pot filled with gold coins (or those chocolate covered coins.) Let your kids follow the prints until the find the pot of gold and let them enjoy what they find.


St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Have your kids help you make some St. Patrick’s Day cookies. Cut out cookies with a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter and bake them together. When they are ready, let your kids ice the cookies with green icing and top them with green sprinkles. This is sure to be a fun – and tasty – way to celebrate the holiday.


Make Crafts

Get out the green construction paper, the glue sticks and any other green and non-green craft items that you have and put your creativity to work. Help your kiddies create shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day wreaths, pots of gold, rainbows and whatever else you can think of that is related to this holiday.


Have a Parade

If you can’t get to a parade on St. Patrick’s Day, have your own. Dress in as much green attire as you can find, paint some shamrocks on faces and have a parade in your house, or around your neighborhood, in honor of this holiday. Your kids are sure to enjoy it.

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate the joys of the Irish culture. St. Patrick’s Day is all about having fun, no matter what your heritage. Are you planning on using any of these activities, or your own, to celebrate the Irish this March 17?

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Great ideas! I have a four year old who would love to do these!

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