7 Great Toys Kids Love to Play with ...


7 Great Toys Kids Love to Play with ...
7 Great Toys Kids Love to Play with ...

Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday or you’re ready to get your holiday shopping started, I have a great list for you of toys kids love to play with. Growing up, we all had that one toy we never wanted to leave behind, whether it was a doll or a toy guitar. Check out these toys kids love to play with to see if your childhood favorite is on the list.

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Huggable Toys

When they are little and need something to squeeze, toys kids love to play with include something that is warm and huggable. Whether it’s a teddy bear that has a soft texture or a doll that will keep all of their secrets, kids love huggable toys they can cuddle and feel safe with. What was your favorite toy that you used to hug all the time when you were little?


Bright and Colorful Toys

When kids start learning their colors and shapes, they love to play with toys that are bright and colorful. A toy that will catch their eye, like a bright red Elmo, or colorful building blocks are great choices. Toys like these will help them focus and learn as well.


Toys That Make Noise

Another fun toy kids love to play with that will grab their attention is one that makes noise. From talking play phones to musical instruments, you can’t go wrong with a toy that will talk to them, play music, or make funny noises when buttons are pressed. My favorite toy that talked to me was Teddy Ruxpin, do you remember him?


Toys That Make Them Feel Grown-up

Whether it’s a fire truck, a pretend doctor’s kit, or a kid size kitchen, kids love playing with toys that make them feel like one of the grown-ups. If they love helping mom and dad in the kitchen, a pretend house with a stove and oven would be a wonderful toy for ages 3 to 7.


Toys from TV or Movies

You can never go wrong with a toy from their favorite TV show or movie, even when they are in their teen years! Kids connect with characters from Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, and Doc Mcstuffins and always carry the memories of these childhood shows with them for life. Get them a character toy that fits their age and one they will never forget.


Craft Toys

A toy that kids can put together themselves, draw with, or create something with will never go out of style. If it includes their favorite TV character, or an animal they really love, it will hit even higher on the love scale! When they are older, kids love a toy they can do something with and not one that will just collect dust on their book shelf.


Outdoor Toys

During the spring and summertime, kids really love toys that will give them something more to do when they are outside in the backyard. Whether it’s something to climb on, ride on, or throw around, give them a toy that will be of use outdoors and help them stay fit as well!

What other toys kids love to play with do you think should be on this list? What types of toys do you think will be on your kid's letter to Santa this year?

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Hhmmm lets make it easy and say all toys

Toys you can build with, like Legos.

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