10 Reasons to Home School Your Children ...


Itโ€™s important to know the benefits of home schooling before deciding thatโ€™s the way to go with your kids.

Many schools are inflexible, and the weight of the system renders reform and modernization slow.

For many kids, a customized home schooling experience rather than an institutionalized one is the best option.

Many parents believe that the industrial school models of today are preparing the kids for a world that no longer exists and classroom-based instruction is outmoded.

Here are 10 reasons to consider home schooling.

1. The School Environment

The 3 main reasons why parents prefer home education are: Concern about the school environment;

as well as peer pressure, bullying is at an all-time high.

Religious/moral instruction;

they have their own ideas about the values they want their children exposed to.2

And finally, dissatisfaction with the academic instruction.

They feel that they can offer more to their children than some of the burnt-out, cynical teachers one often comes across.

2. Accomplishments

With home tutoring, children are able to accomplish what matters to them.

They have the autonomy to set their personal goals, and assess their successes in meeting them.

At school, the students are force-fed stuff that they might not have the slightest interest in, and that they feel is wasting their time that could be better spent on an interest they have.

3. Customized, Not Standardized Learning

This pertains to the above 2 points;

kids who have home schooling and their parents can customize the learning experience specifically for the child, and not be restrained by a standard curriculum that is imposed across the board.

4. Technology

A child that is learning at home can have the world of technology opened up to them.

Cell phones, computers, laptops, notebooks and iPads are all tools that they can employ on their search for knowledge.

They will also be picking up valuable life skills that they will employ when theyโ€™re adults.

Few schools allow or have the financial wherewithal to have these gadgets in the classroom.

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