9 Legitimate Reasons to Consider Homeschooling ...


9 Legitimate Reasons to Consider Homeschooling ...
9 Legitimate Reasons to Consider Homeschooling ...

Here are a few legitimate reasons to consider homeschooling. You can homeschool your child even if you don’t have a teacher’s degree. If your children dread school each day, you might be the perfect candidate for homeschool! Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but if you have been wondering whether or not you should give it a try, then please keep reading my list of reasons to consider homeschooling.

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You Have More Control over What is Taught

One of my top reasons to consider homeschooling is because you can be in charge of what your kids are learning. We all have our own views on things like politics, religion, ethics, and morals so when you homeschool, you can make sure your kids aren’t being taught something in the curriculum that is contrary to the way you are raising your child.


Personalized Education

I was homeschooled my whole education experience. I loved it because I was able to choose what I wanted to study each year in different subjects. If I wanted to learn French, I took French. If I wanted to study ancient Mesopotamia, I did it. I loved art, so I took an art class with a local art teacher! The point is, you can personalize your child’s education to make learning fun and not a bore.


Less Chance of Influence

Influences are everywhere. While it’s important that your kids learn to stand on their own two feet in this world, I’m fairly certain that every parent would be quick to say that they don’t want someone influencing their child in opposition to what they are teaching at home. If you homeschool, there is no fear of other teachers or students being an influence on your child. You will know what they are learning in school at all times.


No Peer Pressure

There is peer pressure anywhere we turn in society, no matter what our age is. But peer pressure for kids is a different story! Kids who are homeschooled are less likely to be pressured into trying out drugs or alcohol, or getting in with the wrong crowd. Did you know peer pressure could also affect your child’s grades? No worry of that if you homeschool!


Go at Your Own Pace

Maybe your kiddo is having a hard time grasping the concept of reading. It happens, and it’s no fun. But homeschooling is wonderful, because you can take the time to work with your son or daughter and help them catch on without holding the rest of the class back. The opposite applies. If you have a math wizard on your hands, let her jump ahead as many grades as she is able to! Challenging her mind will be good for her education.


Fewer Distractions

Public and private schools are full of distractions. It can be hard for a kid to really focus on getting a good education when there are so many other things going on around him. And if your child is struggling in one area, distractions only make it easier for them to avoid doing schoolwork. Homeschooling can eliminate major distractions and help your kids buckle down to schoolwork.


Possible Early Graduation

Because homeschoolers are allowed to go at their own pace, they often graduate early! It doesn’t happen for everyone, and it certainly isn’t easy for everyone. But early graduation opens so many possibilities for your child! Homeschooling is the closest door to early graduation since getting ahead in a public school system can be a bit challenging.


Situational Awareness

How many cases have we heard of where the parents had no idea that their daughter was being bullied at school? Or that their son had anxiety attacks during English class because he dreaded it so much? Or that their daughter was failing math class? When you homeschool, you have situational awareness for anything your child might be facing or dealing with.


Give Your Child a Love for Learning

Homeschooling can foster a love for learning. In a home atmosphere where kids feel relaxed, no pressure or strings attached, learning can really take place. Show your kids that school is fun and learning is wonderful.

The biggest concern homeschoolers face is the lack of social contact their kids will have. You can easily fix this by enrolling your kids in homeschool co-op groups, or joining extra curricular activities in public school. Being involved is fun for kids but their education can still be tailored to fit individual needs. Will you give homeschooling a try?

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I am homeschooled and I really love it. I'm so much farther ahead than I would be in a public school!

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