7 Awesome and Fun Reasons to Have Kids ...


7 Awesome and Fun Reasons to Have Kids ...
7 Awesome and Fun Reasons to Have Kids ...

The list of reasons to have kids is likely endless. I know that my little ones have brought me untold amounts of joy along with untold numbers of messes. If you’re on the fence about whether you’re ready to have a baby, you’re doing the right thing by thinking it through before making a decision. I would never change my choice to have kids, but don’t let anyone sway you either. Read on for my top reasons to have kids and you might just have your answer.

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They Make You Laugh

No doubt, kids can frustrate you to no end, but they are so funny too! When I think about all the laughs I’d have missed by going childless, it’s a pretty sad thought. Laughing with your kids is one of the best reasons to have kids. They say and do funny things and not a day will go by when you don’t bust up at something they do. In fact, I keep a notebook of all the funny things my kids say so I can get a good chuckle on hard days.


They Give You an Excuse for Doing Kid Things

Do you love jumping in a pile of leaves or belly flopping in the pool? You’ll look infinitely less ridiculous if you’re doing it alongside your child. If you miss doing kid things, having children of your own gives you someone to do them with. It also lets you share the joys of your own childhood with future generations.


They Teach You Patience

Nothing requires more patience than raising a child, particularly if said child is a toddler or a child about 3 years old. Children are stubborn and set in their ways. And they don’t like eating anything that’s not white. Having children will bring you plenty of new emotions, but they’ll also teach you to take a deep breath, put things in perspective and stay patient during the most trying of times.


They’ll Share the Load…Someday

No, I did not have kids so they could do manual labor around the house. But as they grow, I’ve discovered that it’s nice to have someone around to help me carry in the groceries, pick up things I drop and toss sheets in the washing machine. My kids by no means do their fair share of the housework, but it’s heartwarming when one of them grabs my pile of library books and says, “Let me get these for you, Mom.”



Enough said. Really, though, little ones need naps every day or they turn into crying little monsters by dinnertime. And if you “accidentally” fall asleep while you lie there trying to convince them to sleep, then it’s because those long sleep-deprived nights are taking their toll and you should definitely not feel guilty.



A newborn will snuggle right in and sleep in your arms for hours. There’s nothing better than watching a 20-hour television marathon except for doing it while your little one sleeps on you. Having a baby means you have someone to cuddle and snuggle anytime you want. Just remember to take it while you can because toddlers are not well known for cuddling for more than five seconds at a time.



It sounds cliché, but having a baby opens you up to love you’ve never known before. Once you feel that little guy move inside your stomach, you’ll be smitten. And when you hold him in your arms for the first time…there’s no way to describe that. I promise, having kids will be the best thing you ever do.

What’s your favorite reason for having kids? Why did you have kids?

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I am currently pregnant with my first child. Only 15 weeks but I can't wait to meet my baby already

Still not having them.EVER!

So true ... Love love love my son happy to have him

I am diagnosed with ADHD, borderline and depression and that's why i do not want to have kids. I'm 23 years old so i'm still kind of young to think about kids. But since i've found true love i've been thinking about kids and we've talked about it too. My boyfriend thinks he doesn't want to have kids either, but he's aware of the fact that he's still young and that his feelings about having childeren might change. He totally gets my point of view and thinks it's incredibly sweet and good to realise what i might do to a human being by having a child. When i suffered my worst depression i very often thought: i didn't choose being born, nobody asked me if i wanted to be made by my mom and dad en live an entire life. It wasn't my choice to be born, but it is my choice to be responsible for my genes. I do not want to put up a child with my genes and my disorders. I do not wish for anybody to suffer the way i did, and because the chance of getting a child with same disorders as i have is pretty big i choose not to have kids. My boyfriend thinks it is the most unselfish deed he can imagine, what do you think? (Sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language)

the first time I held my child It was indescribable... never loved someone as much as I love her

I love kids, but i really love working with them and hoping to get into childcare next year... Don't think i'll have kids myself, but i'm always going to love being surrounded by them!

I think it's fine to have kids, but unless it's part of your religeon, I really don't see why people need to procreate all the time. There are so many children who need homes and we already have a serious overpopulation problem. I know that the adoption proccess can take a long time, but at least you are both doing the same ammount of work. I guess some people really feel the need to have a tiny person inside of them, making them puke. I'm sorry, but to me that sounds rather unapealing.

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