8 Reasons to Be a Stay at Home Dad ...


8 Reasons to Be a Stay at Home Dad ...
8 Reasons to Be a Stay at Home Dad ...

There are some sound reasons to be a stay at home dad, even though women are usually the parent who looks after the children. Times are changing, and for some couples it makes more sense for the man to be the primary carer. Perhaps it would work for you and your partner. Here are some great reasons to be a stay at home dad …

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Just as Good

The first of my reasons to be a stay at home dad is that men can be every bit as good as women when it comes to caring for kids. Remember, we want equality so we should be prepared to give it as well. That includes recognising that men are just as capable with childcare as we are - and in some cases, better.


Economic Sense

Deciding on childcare often comes down to hard economic facts. If the female partner is a higher earner, then it makes more sense for her to go back to work, while the male partner looks after the kids. Unless neither of them like the idea, finance could be the deciding factor.


Suits You Both

Even though women want to be treated equally, society often sees it as odd when a man wants to be the primary carer. Well, other people's opinions don't matter. If you both prefer that arrangement, then go for it. The kids will be perfectly happy, and so will you.


Not Just a Mom's Job

Women are often seen as the caring gender. But men can make brilliant child-carers - there are some wonderful male nannies and nursery workers. Looking after kids is not just a mother's job. They have dads as well, and the dads should share the responsibility of looking after their own kids.



Being the main caregiver gives dads a brilliant opportunity to bond with their kids. It might be a major contrast to a life in the office, but there is a lot of fun to be had in being at home with the kids. It'll give him a chance to get even closer to them. Lots of play and cuddles!


He Loves the Idea

It's a myth that women are all caring, nurturing types while men only want minimal interaction with their children. Some men really enjoy caring for kids. If your partner wants to be a stay at home dad, give it serious consideration. If you both want to be with the kids, perhaps you could each work part-time?


Dad is More Suited

Some women would be the first to admit that as much as they adore their kids, they don't really enjoy being full-time moms. Perhaps their partner has a temperament more suited to being with kids full-time. If so, then it makes perfect sense for him to be a full-time dad.


Good for the Kids

Being around their dad full-time means that kids have a greater exposure to a male role model. This has to be good for them. They get to spend plenty of time with him. If mom prefers working, then she won't be stressed by staying at home. And happy parents mean happy kids.

Parents have to decide between them what's right for them and their family. Sometimes that means dad being the one to stay at home with the kids. People may think it strange, but as more dads become the primary carer, hopefully that will change. Have you ever known a stay at home dad, and if you have kids, would you rather your partner looked after them?

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