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There are several important perks of public schooling that make sending your son or daughter to one absolutely the right decision! Of course, a private education has notable benefits, but so does a public education. If you’re deciding between private and public school options, consider these important perks of public schooling.

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In my opinion, one of the most important perks of public schooling is the amount of diversity. Unlike in private schools, public schools host a variety of students. Students from varying socio-economic backgrounds and, consequently, different racial backgrounds fill the school. Although there are students of every type in private schools, it's easier for students to meet others different from them in public school. It's important for your son or daughter to meet people from all different lifestyles in order to receive a well-rounded education.


Public schools also provide a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. These activities can range from sports teams to clubs and activities, such as robotics and debate teams. This allows students to explore their interests, develop their skills, and build relationships with their peers. Additionally, public schools often have more resources than private schools, such as access to technology and resources for special needs students. Public school teachers are also required to be certified, which means they have the necessary qualifications to provide a quality education. Finally, public schools are typically more affordable than private schools, making them more accessible to lower-income families.



Due to the level of diversity in public schools, students will be exposed to various cultures and different walks of life. This is important to build up more tolerant and understanding citizens of the future. Without exposure to the beautiful differences in the world, your child may grow up to be unintentionally ignorant of the global culture they live in, simply due to underexposure.



While private schools have many benefits, public schools almost always trump private schools in terms of freedom. From the way students can dress to availability of extracurricular activities, students experience more freedom in public schools.


Money Saver

While private education is certainly worth some extra cost, you should primarily concern yourself with saving for college as college tuition rises each year. Since there is a free option for K-12 education, but no free option for college, it is probably wiser to save during your child's youth to support them as well as you can during college. To conserve money for the future, public school is a great option. Students may receive an education equal to those of their private counterparts for no cost at all.


Public schools offer a variety of benefits to students and their families. Public schools are funded by taxpayer money, meaning that they are often much more affordable than private schools. Furthermore, public schools offer a wide range of educational opportunities for students, including a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs. Additionally, public schools are more likely to have a diverse student body, which can be beneficial for students who want to learn about different cultures and perspectives. Finally, public schools often have more experienced teachers and better funding for resources, such as textbooks, computers, and other materials. All of these advantages make public schools a great option for parents looking for a quality education for their children.


Extracurricular Opportunities

Some private schools offer fewer extracurricular opportunities. These schools may have fewer clubs or sports than public schools. While experiencing secondary education, a student should have a variety of opportunities available to them in order to create the most holistic high school experience possible.



Generally, students are assigned to public schools based on location. However, private schools may require transportation to a different city for your student. So you'll save tons of gas if your child is enrolled in public school! Also, if transportation is an issue for you, remember that for children in public schools buses are available. This is not necessarily the case, unfortunately, with private schools.


Equal Opportunities

Many people believe that private schools offer higher-quality education for students compared to public schools. While this is true in some ways, certain public schools now also offer rigorous courses and classes that meet the caliber of private school classes. Charter and magnet schools, which are still public schools, offer more highly-acclaimed educational opportunities than do some public schools. Therefore, public schools and private schools may be held on the same level.

Both public and private schools have their perks, and both are great opportunities for your child. But as a parent, you should never feel guilty for sending your child to a public school instead of to a more prestigious private school. Public schools educate students extremely well, both in social skills and academics. Why did you choose to send your son or daughter to public school?

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I also strongly disagree, I attend a private, catholic, all female school and previously I attended a public school before my private education. In public school, I felt under supported and held back due to lack of freedom (my private school offers us much more freedom) and also lack of educational support. My private school offers much more than any public school has ever given me and I am grateful. However, it makes me Sade to think that people would intentionally put down private schools, as they are definitely worth the money.

Private schools have a better education though

Exactly , try are sort of better . Not to be rude or anything !

I have uniforms in my public school (sadly)

Oops! And those two programs come together for middle school. It's a fantastic district!

I disagree. Private schools have many extracurriculars and you have more opportunities since it's more of an individual basis and a lower student:teacher ratio. Most of the teachers care much more than public school teachers and the students value their education more. And as for diversity, private schools have students from different towns and sometimes (depending on the school) students from several different countries. Also not everyone is rich, tons of students receive scholarships and vouchers. In addition, private schools constantly score above public schools in standardized test so it really is no competition.

There's some fantastic public schools out there! In our district, the public school offers 2 alternative elementary programs

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