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I must admit that motivating your child at school is not always easy. It can actually be pretty frustrating, especially when you know how smart and talented your kid is. There are a few simple tricks you can use to help them achieve their full potential in order to reach all their goals and fulfill all their dreams. School can be fun! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a chore, it can also be exciting and adventurous. If you manage to convince your child to see things from this perspective, then I’m sure they will get better grades and they will also have a healthier attitude towards going to school. Here are a few very simple things you must know about motivating your child at school:

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Make It Fun for You

I believe this is one of the most important things you must know about motivating your child at school. If you want them to see their school as a fun and adventurous place, then you should look at it this way too. Even though schools have rules that your little one has to obey and that are not always pleasant, the learning process can be exciting and you should show that to your kid.


Keep a Respectful Relationship with Your Kid

Try to always keep an open, respectful and positive relationship with your kid! Be their role-model and show them how they can turn going to school into a pleasant experience. Talk to them about anything that’s bothering them, show them your support and be there for your little one when they need you.


Incorporate the “when You” Rule

You should teach your child from a very early age that you can only get the goods after you do the hard work. You can’t get paid before doing your job and you can’t get good grades until you study hard for them. By doing this and by telling them about this rule, you are actually helping them to create a structure that will allow them to achieve all their goals.


Incorporate Learning with Games

As I’ve said, learning can be fun and you can show your kid that this is true by incorporating games into their learning routine. This way, school will not seem like such a burden for them anymore. You will also help them discover what things interest them particularly and what they are passionate about.


Don’t Be a Dictator

If you’re trying to motivate your child to do well in school, make sure you’re not a dictator! Don’t be too hard on them! I’m not saying you shouldn’t establish some rules for them, just try to be more supportive and encouraging. Studies show that “children feel much more motivated to learn if they know you care about what they are doing in school.”


Mistakes Are OK

As I’ve said, try not to be too hard with your kid and tell them that mistakes are okay. We all make them, since no one is perfect. Help them find ways to learn from their mistakes, so they will avoid repeating them in the future. Tell them that they shouldn’t be afraid of failure, because failure can actually be one of the best teachers they’ll ever have.


Improve Your Communication

In order to motivate your child at school, it’s extremely important to improve your communication. Listen to what they are telling you and avoid criticizing them all the time. Be friendly and supportive and help them feel safe, so they’ll be able to express their feelings and their needs more easily.

As a parent, you should be kind but firm, helpful and consistent, and you should focus on supporting and encouraging your child instead of worrying and nagging all the time. Have you ever tried to motivate your child to do better in school? How did you do it? Do you know any other ways to motivate a child at school? Please tell us about them in the comments section!

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Always remind your child to try their best and do the best THEY can do. Sometimes children have a tendency to compare themselves to others therefore it is extremely important to remind them not to compare themselves to others and as long as they did THEIR best, mama/papa are proud!!:)

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