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Do you need some help finding ways to be a present parent? I think this is a dilemma for most parents in our day and age. So many things scream for our attention that we have to be intentional about being present with our children and giving them our focus. These are some ways to be a present parent that I have learned to follow to be present with my own children.

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Turn off Your Electronics

Our electronics are great. They make life easier, they allow us to stay connected and work from virtually anywhere. But they can also keep us from being totally present with our children. Our children need our full time and attention, at least part of the time. One of the first ways to be a present parent is to turn off your laptop, iPad, phone and all other distracting electronics.


Get Rid of Other Distractions

Electronics are not the only thing that can distract us. Distractions could come in the form of household chores, friends that visit a little too often or other things. You can’t stop life to pay attention to your child every moment of the day, but there are times you need to minimize the distractions and give them your full attention. This is a gift you can give both you and your child. They will really love having your full attention and you will enjoy the time with them.


Set Aside Time

This tip really helps me. If you are a person who operates best on a routine, it will probably help you too. Simply set some time aside to be with your children and focus on them. When it is on my schedule, it is much more likely to happen than if it is a passing thought. It is okay to plan quality time with your children. The point is that you make it happen.


Plan Activities to Keep You Both Engaged

I like to have all kinds of different time with my children. I enjoy the times we just hang out at home, doing our own thing and talking when something crosses their mind to share, but it can also be very nice to plan something to do together. This keeps you both engaged and present. It can be any number of different activities that you would enjoy.


Ask Questions

It is easy to tune out as a parent when your child is doing all the talking. Try asking them questions to keep you present. It is easier to have an ongoing conversation when you both participate. As the adult, we can guide the conversation. It gives us an inside view into our child’s world.


Practice Your Good Listening Skills

Talking with your child is a good opportunity to practice those listening skills you have wanted to improve on. Active listening will keep you present. Active listening means that we make an effort to keep our attention centered on the person that is speaking to us instead of letting our minds drift. This is something that takes some practice. You can absolutely use this with your child as well as adults you encounter.


Enjoy the Moment

You know, sometimes, you just need to decide to enjoy the moment. Savor special times with your children. You will never get them back. In the future, you may find that you wish you could revisit your child at certain past ages. Be careful not to miss those sweet opportunities to be present with them now.

Being present as a parent is hard sometimes. What pulls at your attention? How do you deal?

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I try my best to be present during my children's activities.

And I have noticed when I am watching my children do their extracurricular activities that when the kids finally master their skill they look up at their parent. and their faces usually go to disappointment because their parents aren't paying any attention. I've become attached to a lot if the kids because I'm the one cheering them on. it's really sad.

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