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There are certain important things your babysitter should know before they look after your children. These things help them to give your children the best care possible. It can take a bit of time to cover them but you will be glad that you did. Ideally, it is a good idea to set up a time to go over all of the things your babysitter should know with them before they begin babysitting.

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Emergency Numbers

One of the most important things your babysitter should know is emergency numbers. This would include numbers to reach you at, the pediatrician’s number and the number for poison control. You may also want to include the numbers of some close friends and family to call when you cannot be reached, such as a grandparent. Your babysitter will feel much more confident having this vital information and you will as well. You will have more peace of mind knowing your babysitter knows who to call in an emergency.


Important Health Information

Making sure your babysitter knows the important health information concerning your child or children is the responsible thing to do. They cannot give your child the best possible care without this information. Be sure to go over any health issues your children have. This includes things like food allergies, asthma or other illnesses. Also explain any medications your child may need to take in your absence.


Rules of the House

It is important to go over the house rules with your babysitter. Children are notorious for taking advantage of babysitters in their parents' absence. They may very well try to see if they can bend the rules. This is easily done if your babysitter does not know what the rules are. Another idea is to post them on the fridge for the babysitter to refer back to.



Most parents have a routine that they follow with their children. Children usually do best when they have a routine, too. Let your babysitter in on your child’s daily routine. It will help things to go more smoothly for both the babysitter and the children. This will also save you from having to get them back on track when you return home.


Rules You Expect Her to Follow

Some parents skip this because they don’t want to take a chance on making their babysitter feel uncomfortable but it is better for you both if you go over what rules you expect your babysitter to follow. The babysitter knows what is okay with you and you will feel much better knowing that you have explained what is permissible. This saves a lot of misunderstandings.


What is Expected of Her

As a general rule, your babysitter should be expected to give your child quality care, first and foremost. It is okay to expect them to clean up any messes that are made in your absence. However, you really should not expect them to do any other chores without additional pay. These specifics are something you and your babysitter will have to work out. Just be sure to let your babysitter know what you expect.


To Be Honest with You

You want to let your babysitter know that you welcome their honesty. This helps you to have a better view into what is going on with your children in your absence. Explain that this is true even if they need to tell you something unpleasant such as a child was fussy or misbehaved while you were gone. Open communication will help you to feel more confident in leaving your children. It will also help your babysitter to feel more relaxed in sharing with you.

These are some important things your babysitter should know before they babysit. What are some things you make sure your babysitter knows? I would love to hear from you.

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as a nanny you would be surprised how many parents leave those things out. Also a rough schedule!!!

or him. babysitters can be men as well.

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