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7 Way to Get Your Child to Exercise and like It ...

By Tara

With fitness and health as a priority, you may be wondering the ways to get your child to exercise. If you introduce fitness to your child at a young age, they will be more likely to exercise as an adult. This is especially the case if you show them that exercise can be loads of fun. It is important for your child to realize that exercise does not have to be endless hours pounding on the treadmill gym; it can be everyday sporting activities. It can be any workout that they enjoy, as long as the heart rate is elevated and there is effort involved. I have some great ways to get your child to exercise while having loads of fun like these:

1 Playground Fun

Child’s play can be a heck of a workout especially if you are climbing up ladders, conquering monkey bars and running here and there. Play a game of tag while running to and from the jungle gym set. You can get a workout in with your children without them even realizing they are exercising. Exercising at the playground is one of the simplest ways to get your child to exercise.

2 Family Bike Ride

Bond as a family and take a family bike ride tonight so that you can all get your workout in while enjoying each other's company. Some of my best memories are of me, my sister, mom and dad, riding bikes together through our neighborhood. This is a great way to expose your child to exercise while having fun together. You never know they may adopt an affinity to cycle more!

3 Expose Your Children to Competition

Team sports are something great to have your child involved in; they learn to work together, push themselves and their team and push from within. Find out your child’s interest and sign them up for a team sport. If they do not like the particular sport that they try, no biggie, the following season, they can try something else. My parents had me involved in every sport and it helped me to be the athlete that I am today. I am trying to practice this same philosophy with my children so they can find a sport or several that they love!

4 Lead by Example

I have been runner since the age of seven, so being fit has always been a part of my life. Since my 9, 7 and 2 year old always see me come back from my daily runs, they now want to follow in my footsteps. And guess what, my 9 and 7 year old daughters are already running short distances. And my 2 year old son is waiting for his time to run. If you lead by example and start exercising, chances are your little ones are going to follow you. So practice what you preach and start working out!

5 Dance It off

Most children enjoy dancing and they do not consider this a workout. Dancing is a timeless workout that is great for people of ages so why not start young? You can register your child for dance class to get them involved and as a result, they will build their confidence, while having fun getting a workout in.

6 Swim It off

Get out to a pool with your child and teach them to swim some laps. This is a great lifelong sport that every child should be introduced to when young. And swimming is an important survival sport. To add an element of speed, go in lanes next to one another, and compete against one another. Now this is a great way to make fitness fun!

7 B Ball Anyone

Dribble the ball down your driveway as you show your child your basketball skills. Even if you do not have much experience playing basketball, you can fake it until you make it. Or learn basketball together. To make this sport more interesting to your child, play a game one on one against each other. Enjoy this time together while bettering your health!

I hope you introduce your child to exercise at a young age so that they can have a lifetime of health and happiness. So tell me, did you start exercise at a young age?

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