7 Ways to Move Your Child to a Toddler Bed ...

When you sense that your toddler is ready to leave his crib, you might be wondering about the effective ways to move your child to a toddler bed that actually work! With a toddler myself, I've found these tips to be super helpful for him falling asleep in his own bed. Here are some great ways to move your child to a toddler bed if you just know they are ready to make the transition!

1. Emphasize How "Grown-up" He is

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Probably one of the first ways to move your child to a toddler bed with ease is to talk to him. Tell him how grown up he is, and that big kids don't need to sleep in a crib anymore! Emphasize that he has the freedom to get up and use the bathroom or get a sip of water, but that he also has the responsibility of staying in his own bed when it's time to sleep.

2. Compare to How Mom & Dad Sleep

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Continue with your discussion, even if your child doesn't totally get it yet. Compare how you and your partner sleep in a grown-up bed and that children who aren't babies also get that privilege. Remember that children like to mimic their parents, so play it up and be excited!

3. Let Her Pick out the Bed/Sheets

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One of ways to get your child excited about a new bed is to have her pick it out herself! If you already have a bed or a crib that converts, then she can still select special sheets and blankets to go with her new bed! She'll love the idea of being part of the decision-making.

4. Stick to the Routine

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It's super important that when you're transitioning your toddler out of a crib, you stick to their bedtime routine as much as possible. If you change too many things, there is bound to be insecurity and behavior issues that arise. It's also a good idea to wait until your life isn't crazy busy, like adding a new baby or moving. Too much change can be overwhelming for anyone!

5. Have a Special Sleepy Time Stuffed Animal

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As part of the bedtime routine, keep close by a special sleep animal or soft toy that's comforting for your child. You can even go buy a new toy just for sleeping as a gift for your sweet toddler who's growing up and becoming more independent. The point is for them to feel as comfortable as possible in the transition.

6. Give a Special Reward for a Successful Night

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Don't forget to reward him when he sleeps for the first time all on his own in his new bed! It can be anything he likes that you know will send the message that you're so proud of him. Make sure to emphasize the reason for the reward and that you know he will keep up the good work!

7. Show Excitement & Encouragement!

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Lastly but most importantly, show your excitement and encouragement throughout this whole adventure! Your emotions and expressions are huge and will have a lot of impact on your child's success. When you're excited and happy, they will be too. Just as if you were stressed and upset, your child picks up on those emotions as well.

It will be challenging at first, to move your child from the comforts of their crib and into a new, big bed. Change is scary at this age but it's all in how you approach it! It's also important to remember to have patience and understanding throughout. Do you have any success stories and tips you'd like to share?

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