7 Ways to Encourage Good Eating Habits in Children ...


There are several ways to encourage good eating habits in children, which will mean they will grow up with a healthy attitude towards food. Trying new foods and ensuring that children get the best nutrients from a range of foods can be tricky, and sometimes meals times can be a battlefield. There are, however, some simple ways to encourage good eating habits, which will help ensure they can have a healthy attitude towards food for life.

1. Good Examples

Setting a good example is so important and is one of the ways to encourage good eating habits. Eating with your children and having them witness your positive attitude to food will help instill the same attitudes in them. After all, they look up to you for guidance! Eat the same healthy dishes rather than dishing up a separate plate for you. For example, if you skip breakfast, chances are your children will see this as something they don't need to do either.

Snack Right