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My Mom was pretty good in assigning household chores for toddlers. With four children in the family who are barely two years apart, I can say that my Mom perfected the art of teaching her children the values of hard work and teamwork starting at home. We carried out these chores with my Mom's supervision and it is important that we, adults/parents, realize that our toddlers are to be assisted in carrying out these tasks. I asked my three, younger siblings if they still remember the household chores for toddlers and we came up with the following:

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Making the Bed

Toddlers are generally defined as children between ages two and four - old enough to let them assist adults in lighter tasks. Making the bed is one of the household chores for toddlers that can teach them the importance of keeping things in order. It's always nice to start the day with a made-up bed.


Watering the House Plants

My children love this task and that's because they can play with the water. Well 99% of the time, they get wet from this chore, but that just adds to the fun, right? Watering the house plants is a very simple chore. You can get each one of your children small watering cans to kick-start their assignment.


Putting Toys in the Box

The road to teaching my one-year-old twins this chore was very bumpy. They helped me put the toys in the box and then, they took them out. Repeat this cycle 100 times. Exhausting, yes! I guess it's a task that you repeatedly do with them until they learn over time, so I am cutting myself and them some slack.


Putting Dirty Clothes in the Laundry Basket

Kids are kids. They will do all sorts of messy things and that includes leaving dirty clothes on the floor. Like teaching kids to put their toys in a box after playing, putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket is another chore that can be learned over time. I suggest singing or playing a game as you do this chore to make it exciting.


Throwing Candy Wrappers in the Trash Can

I have always believed that good character is shaped at home and this task is a perfect start to mold our children to become good citizens. Apart from keeping the house clean, teaching our toddlers - as early as one, two, or three - a small act such as throwing a candy wrapper in the trash can is a step in making them responsible inhabitants of Mother Earth.


Feeding the Pets

If you have an aquarium of fish, try showing him or her first how to put in the flakes inside the aquarium. If you own a dog, try handing your toddler a small cup of dog food and let him/her pour the food into the bowl. Remind your toddlers (again and again) not to hurt the pets by playing with the water or pulling the dog's tail. I think children generally love pets and they will be eager to help out.


Arranging the Books on the Shelves

I read at least one story a day to the twins in what I call our "starter library" that is mostly filled with picture books/storybooks. Most of the time, I just put all the books on the floor and allow them to "choose" what they like. In the early days, they would "eat" the books but lately, I have seen them flipping through the pages of the books and looking at the pictures. Great milestone! It's been a week since I asked them to help me out in picking up the books and arranging them on the shelves. So far, with the encouragement from their Dad, they've been carrying out the task pretty well.

Is there any particular household chore that your toddler likes to do? What is it?

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3 year olds can "help" sort socks. They can help mate the coloured ones as they learn there colors. The 3 year old I nanny can choose her own clothes, dress herself, brush her own hair, help put the silverware in the dishwasher, stack movies. She is a BIG helper and starts preschool next week

Yes yes yes. Also arranging shoes side by side. 😊

Kids can learn discipline when you give them the opportunity to help out with household chores.

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