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Are you brainstorming for ways to help your child adjust to middle school? That is completely understandable. Of course you want to do whatever you can to help make this an easy transition for them. These are 7 steps you can take to help your child adjust to middle school.

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Talk about It

One thing you can do to help your child adjust to middle school is talk about it. Keep the subject an open conversation. Let them talk to you about their concerns and fears. This is a good opportunity to give them some reassurance and let them know you have faith in them and that everything really will be alright. This can go a long way in alleviating their fears.


Attend Orientation

Orientation can be very helpful for your child when they are transitioning to middle school. It tells them and you what to expect from a new school. They can learn a lot about what the coming year holds for them. It is also an opportunity for them to be in the school to have a chance to become a little more familiar with it. At orientation, you may even be given some helpful literature to read with your child later.


Ask for a Tour

Sometimes a tour is offered when you attend orientation. If it isn’t, you can certainly ask for one. It is very helpful if you can do this after your child has their schedule of classes for the coming year. This way they can locate their classes and note that before their first day. It is always better to know where you are going.


Meet Their Teachers

If you have the opportunity, let your child meet their teachers before their first day. This is one less new thing they have to deal with that day. Hopefully, if they can meet their teachers before the first day then they can have a conversation about what they may be doing in the upcoming year. It kind of gives them a feel for how the teacher may run his or her classroom, as well. They will feel more prepared for their first day if they have taken this step.


Practice Opening the Lock

Learning to open your lock is a very big deal when a child transfers to middle school. In most cases, this is the first time that a child has a locker or a lock to work with. This is one of the biggest causes of anxiety for a child entering middle school. It is very helpful if you can work with your child before they start using the lock at school. Try to purchase their lock ahead of time so they can practice at home.


Believe in Them

Your confidence in your child’s ability to make the transition successfully is contagious. I say that meaning that they will catch that confidence from you. If you believe in them, they will believe in themselves. They look to you for cues on how to feel and act. If you show them you believe everything will be fine, they will most likely believe it, too.


Have a Mantra

I did this with my daughter and it was very helpful as well as a point of humor that we still laugh about. I told my daughter that no matter what happened, don’t panic. I would say this slowly, with exaggeration, and use this phrase about situations such as if she missed the bus or couldn’t locate her classroom. We talked through what she should do but the main point was don’t panic. Although it had some humor, it really did help her in moments of uncertainty.

Adjusting to middle school is a major event for a preteen. These are some steps you can take to help them through that time. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Just tell them that everything will be alright. Sometimes middle school is scarier for the parents than the child!

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