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11 Fun Ways to Introduce Your Child to New Cultures ...

By Lane

A better understanding of diversity creates strong and more compassionate leaders, which is why it's important to adopt some fun ways to introduce your child to new cultures. By discovering other cultures, they learn the struggles, triumphs, and history of various races of people. To begin this journey let's learn some fun ways to introduce your child to new cultures.

1 Museums

A trip to your local museum is among the ways to introduce your child to new cultures. An ethnographical museum provides you and your child with displays full of information about indigenous people who once inhabited the area. These exhibits show artifacts, documentation, and films. Some exhibits provide an up-close look at life for these individuals and their families.

2 Road Trips

Whenever possible you and your child should plan a road trip to visit various areas that allow you to learn about new cultures. If you have the opportunity to visit areas outside of the country, you and your child could acquire a wealth of experience. You should research the locale before you visit, however, to establish which areas are safe for travels.

3 Movies

Historical movies offer a look into the histories of many cultures. You can pre-screen the films to establish which ones are most appropriate for your children. With movies, it's easier to group movies about a specific culture together based on the culture you wish to explore. You can find almost any film of interest on iTunes.

4 Books

A trip to the public library offers a wealth of knowledge for you and your child. You could also utilize online libraries or download them onto your iPad or Kindle. You and your child can learn more about cultures by reviewing stories, photographs, and more in brilliant color.

5 The Internet

Obviously, the internet holds a wealth of knowledge on many cultures. You can cross link to further reading, more movie selections, and events that offer historical reenactments. With this information, you can plan and book a trip at your leisure.

6 Art

Museums of art history provide you with a multitude of artifacts, art, and displays. These museums change their exhibits frequently to offer a wider variety of art. This includes displays that begin with ancient art and range up to modern times. This presents visitors with impressive options that help you educate your child in the way in which each culture created art, whether by accident or by design.

7 Reenactments

Reenactments are fun. You and your child can watch as actors recreate specific eras in time. You will see how they cooked, created dining utensils, and lived. Your child will see how clothing styles have changed and understand the marvels of electricity and more.

8 Fairs

Fairs such as the Renaissance Fair, for example, allow you and your child to dress up like medieval princesses or princes and explore the world of this time period. You'll dine on different cuisines similar to that offered in this era. It's really a lot of fun for everyone.

9 Music

A journey through the music of different cultures provides your child with a unique experience all its own. You can explore these options for free through YouTube or similar platforms. It's a lot of fun for little ones to discover new musical styles. Perhaps, you and your child could come up with your own dance to go along with this lesson.

10 Authentic Restaurants

The introduction of new cuisines from the many cultures of the world is awesome! When you find the right restaurants, it can become a treat for your taste buds. I love Italian and Mexican the most. My children were introduced to these cuisines early on in life, and they adore them as well.

11 Do-it-yourself Costume Designs

You don't have to be a seamstress to create unique costume designs. All you need is imagination. You can review the clothing worn by the culture you are exploring. This could become a fun game you play with your child while discovering the clothing concepts of the selected culture.

Becoming more aware of the many cultures in the world inspires a deeper understanding of how each culture has struggled. It's through clarity of these events that your child will advance in life with more compassion and clarity. What are some ways that you have taught your children about different cultures?

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