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You don’t have to be a parent for very long before you are faced with learning what to do when your child says something embarrassing. Most children are wonderful at this by the time they are toddlers. It can make for some difficult and awkward situations. These are some things you can do when your child says something embarrassing.

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Gently Correct Them

One thing that you can do when your child says something embarrassing is to gently correct them. This is usually a good choice if your child says something that you know that others have heard. It depends on what they said, of course. Sometimes you will not want to address it right then. But if what they said was about someone and was offensive, it is best to correct them then and there by pointing out that their words were incorrect or hurtful.



If your child says something that you know offends someone else, sometimes the best thing to do is offer up an apology. It is often the quickest and easiest thing to do. It can help to smooth things over. Don’t bother trying to explain your child doesn’t know any better yet. A prompt apology is the route to go in this situation.


Ignore It

Sometimes you can just ignore what your child said that was embarrassing. If no one else seems to notice what they said, go with this choice. Handling it another way would be calling attention to it and that isn’t what you want. You can always talk to your child about it later if you feel the need. Let it slide if no one noticed.


Make a Quick Exit

You know, moms get really good at making a quick exit from places and this is one reason why. If your child says something embarrassing, you may want to make this choice. It can save you from an awkward situation. Sometimes whisking your child away is best for you and them. Then you can talk about why they shouldn’t say certain things to others.


Talk about the Incident Privately

While it is good to correct your child immediately to let others know you don’t approve of their behavior, sometimes you want to wait to talk about it privately. Talking about it later can give you more time to explain why certain things should not be said. You won’t have an audience watching and listening, either. Your child may also listen more carefully when there aren’t others around.


Watch the Examples You Are Setting

It is important to watch the examples you are setting in front of your children. It could be they are just mirroring what they see. If you spout off things that are inappropriate and unkind, they may think they can, too. It is possible that it isn’t you setting a bad example, too. Maybe it is a school friend they are spending too much time with.


Laugh It off

You know, kids will be kids. And it is good to keep that perspective in mind. Many times, kids don’t mean any harm by what they say. They simply don’t know any better. Don’t get too hung up on stressing over this. Most likely, it is a passing phase.

Kids can certainly put you in a difficult position by saying something embarrassing. How do you deal when this happens to you? We can all share some tips here!

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