7 Important Things Every Child Should do ...


There are lots of things every child should do, not only to keep them entertained but also to teach them about life and the world. The more of these things they can experience the better, as each one will give them different skills and outlooks, which is so important to them while they’re growing up. These are just seven of many important things every child should do.

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Grow Something

Whether it’s their own vegetable patch or a flower in a pot, growing something is one of those things every child should do. This will teach them how to look after something that is totally theirs, and no one else’s. They’ll love watching their little garden develop, and gardening is a skill that will keep them entertained for hours as they grow up.


Have Secrets

While it might be scary as a parent to think of your children having secrets from you, it’s really an important part of growing up for them. Having secrets teaches them about trust, and allows them to learn about independence. These secrets needn’t be big, they just need to be enough for the child to feel as though they know something special.


Go Camping

Teaching children to love the great outdoors is so very important. Once they gain that love, they will always find something to do that involves learning and being active. Not only that, but camping is a great bonding experience, and it can teach them lots of important things, like how to light a fire and build a tent.


Have a Lemonade Stand

For children, earning their very own money is seriously exciting! A glorious summer’s day is the perfect time for children to set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk and run their own business for the day. This can teach them responsibility and the basics of making and saving money. Plus, they will have so much fun!



Giving children a passion for cooking from a young age is a great idea. Cooking is a skill they will continue to use for the rest of their lives, and it’s important they can enjoy it! Whether they’re helping cook dinner or creating their own crazy recipes, cooking is something very important that every child should experience.


Have a Pet

Having a pet is the perfect way for a child to learn about responsibility, as well as the inevitable life and death. The bond a child can have with the family pet is enormous, and it will end up becoming one of their best friends. The death of a pet is also often the first loss a child experiences, and this is a very important part of growing up.


Visit a Museum

Visiting a museum as a child is exciting, overwhelming and super fun. They will pick up so much knowledge from a day at the museum, and give them a thirst for more! They will learn about animals, the planets and the world throughout history, and this will give them a head start when it comes to schooling.

There are so many other important things every kid should do, but to me, these are the most important. Children learn and experience so much, and it is so important that their minds are kept active and inquisitive. What is something you think every child should do?

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Cooking is a good to learn and be indepednent

The rest are fine but number 2 .. no.

learn to play a music instrument, and play sport with other kids!!

cute pic!!

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