7 Awesome Ways to Help Your Child Cope through the Teen Years ...


The teen years are tough on your kids and on you, which is why it's important for you to learn some awesome ways to help your child cope through the teen years. For many teens, high school is a combination of bullying, fighting for status, and adapting to changes about who they are and who they will be. To explore how you can help them through these experiences and keep your own sanity, let's learn seven awesome ways to help your child cope through the teen years.

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The judgment of others significantly affects your child's self-esteem, which furthers the need to learn awesome ways to help your child cope through the teen years. Although it's hard to get the message across at this stage, it's important to re-enforce the notion that it really isn't important what other people think. Your overall attitude in terms of how people react to you in society shapes how your child will react in the future. Being strong and confident, despite adversity, helps you to build their self-esteem.


Be Yourself

The most important thing to teach your child is to be who they are, and support them. If your child is nerdy and loves Star Wars, support them. The key is to forget who you were in high school and refrain from trying to shape your kid into who you were or were not. You're not reliving high school through your kids; instead you're utilizing what you remember to help your child be who they are without experiencing hate.


Popularity—Who Cares?

The truth about popularity is that no one cares who was who after high school. Unfortunately, it's hard to make kids understand that while they're actually in high school. The key is to help children who are not popular to survive without compromising their foundation. It's also important to teach children who are popular to treat others better.


Stop Bullies

There are key signs that imply whether or not your child is the victim of a bully. Your best bet is to pay close attention to your child. If she or he becomes withdrawn, you should talk to them without criticism. It's a slippery slope; getting a teen to confide in you that they're a victim of bullying isn't always easy. However, you must find a way. When you discover who it is, take action. Bullying is a crime.


Teachers Who Bully

Despite the mask they wear around parents, there are teachers who bully students, too. Fight back against them! If the school tries to protect this bully, contact the superintendent's office. Continue climbing the ladder until this problem is resolved. This may include your local news.


The Balancing Act

As a parent, you have two sides; the disciplinarian and the confidante. Don't blur these lines. Despite how many times your child says they hate you; they don't. You can't be their buddy during the teen years. There are far too many temptations and peer pressures out there to lure your child off the right path. If you're the buddy, you can't protect your child. However, if you do not balance the disciplinarian side, they'll hide everything from you.


Open Communication

With open communication, you have a better chance of discovering problems, which could not only help your child cope, but you could also save their lives. It's important to open the lines of communication early in their lives. You must establish trust and take precautions, especially with how you react.

Discovering ways to cope during the teen years are beneficial to you and your child. It creates a safe environment for them to develop into great adults. What are some ways you have helped your own teen survive during this time of their lives?

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I'm not a parent, but I strongly agree with the teachers being bullies, a lot in my school were bully types and I only realized after high school, think it's actually important as I look back on those experiences and all I can think is how shitty the teachers were!

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