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There are quite a few reasons to introduce your child to martial arts that you should consider. Despite what some people might think, activities like tae kwon do, aikido and kung fu are a fun way for kids to achieve fitness and focus, increase their self-confidence, improve their social relations, remedy discipline problems and of course, to help them defend themselves. By introducing your child to martial arts, you will give them a lifelong activity that will grow with them and help them overcome any obstacles they might encounter in their path. Here are a few extremely convincing reasons to introduce your child to martial arts:

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They Will Get More Active

One of the most compelling reasons to introduce your child to martial arts is the fact that they will get to be more active. I’m sure you all know that obesity in children has become a serious issue nowadays. What better way for your child to get some exercise, while still learning how to improve other areas in their life, than by joining a martial arts class?


They Will Improve Their Focus

By allowing your child to practice martial arts, you will help them learn how to find focus and stillness. Even though you are worried by all the violence you think your child will learn, you should also take into consideration the fact that a true martial artist learns how to sit with themselves and discover where their weaknesses are.


They Will Improve Their Self-Confidence

Martial arts classes, besides delivering sound physical exercise, teach self-confidence, respect for others and for oneself and improve self-esteem. These are important life skills that every kid should develop, so they’ll be able to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Try not to neglect these benefits, and allow your kid to practice martial arts if this is what they want.


They Will Learn to Take Hits

These classes will help your little one learn how to take hits. I’m not only referring to those literal blows, but also to those hits life offers us, whether we are talking about failures, disappointments or any other obstacles that might prevent us from reaching our objectives. They will learn how to take any hit, and also how to get back on their feet again in no time.


They Will Learn Conflict Resolution

What better way to teach your child conflict resolution than by signing them up to a martial arts class? This way they will learn some very useful skills that will help them defend themselves, but most importantly they will learn self-discipline, respect for others and for themselves.


They Will Gain Self-Respect

One of the most important benefits your kid could gain if they decide to practice martial arts is the fact that they will learn how to gain self-confidence and self-respect. They will learn what humility is and the fact that all that confidence and self-respect actually comes from a deep sense of self-knowledge that they will gain.


They Won’t Be Afraid to Fail

Another very important thing martial arts will teach your little one is the fact that they shouldn’t fear failure, since in the martial arts your child will learn how to fail, a lot. They will realize that failure is actually one of the best teachers they’ll ever have and they will always try to find the lesson in every defeat.

There are a lot of very compelling reasons why you should introduce your child to martial arts. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure there are many more I forgot about. Do you know any other benefits of practicing martial arts that I should add to this list? Do tell!

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I teach martial arts to kids and it is amazing to see how strong and confident they are getting overtime. It's tough to keep their attention though...

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