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I think all parents would like to know some ways to get your kids to share more with you. I know that I want an inside view into my children’s world. Although I haven’t got all of the answers on this subject, I have found some things that work well for me. You can try these ways to get your kids to share more with you, too.

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Be Available when They Want to Talk

The very best tip I have found for ways to get your kids to share more with you is to be available when they want to talk. This can be hard to do sometimes. You may be right in the middle of something and not able to stop. But if you can, stop what you are doing and listen. They won’t always open up to you so it is important to take advantage of the times they do.


Catch Them when They First Get Home

This is a great time of day to get your kids to open up to you. Most kids come in the door ready to share something about their day. They may want to share about a project they are doing, a teacher they are enjoying or a problem they are having. This is one of the best times of the day to talk with them. Be sure and take advantage of it.


Use Humor to Get Them to Open up

Humor can be a wonderful thing to use with children, especially as they head into the tween and teen years. A simple joke can get them talking. Often I try to joke about things I don’t understand with technology because it opens the door to conversation with my kids. They get a laugh and end up talking. Those conversations can head into more serious topics, too.


Ask Open Ended Questions

You know, if you want to know what is going on in your kid’s world, ask. Don’t be afraid to approach them with questions. It is good to ask them more than how their day was. Try to ask open-ended questions. You will be surprised what they are willing to share.


Take Advantage of Being in the Car

The car is a great place to talk with your kids. Most kids and parents spend a lot of time in the car going back and forth to school or extracurricular activities. Use that time to your advantage. Kids tend to open up when you are traveling because you are all stuck in there together. It can be a great place for discussion.


Tell Them about Your Life

Conversation can and should go both ways. Tell your kids about what is going on with you. Tell them about a book you are reading or what you had for lunch when you met a girlfriend. It’s good for them to see you as a person rather than just mom. This also gives you more to talk about together.


Talk to Their Friends

You can also get some conversation going between you and your kids by talking to their friends. They may see that it isn’t uncool to talk to mom once they see their friends do it. This doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Just making casual conversation works. Often, your kids will open up a lot more in this situation.

These are some ways you can get your kids to share with you more that work for me. What have you found that works? I can’t wait to learn from you, too.

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