Don't Forget These Fitness Rules when You Get Pregnant ...


When you become pregnant you may forget the rules of fitness because your life is changing dramatically. But just because you are expecting, it does not mean you should forget the fitness rules that everyone should follow. Simple things you can do like hydrate, eat nutrient dense food, and listen to your body, can help you to maintain great health for both you and your expected arrival. So take a page from my book and I speak from experience; I am expecting my fourth baby in July.

1. Listen to Your Body

One of the major rules in fitness is to always listen to your body. There are some days you may feel amazing and other days you are off but the sign of a true athlete is to listen to your body signals. If your major muscle groups are aching you may need a day off. And if you are feeling nausea from your pregnancy, you may need to take a day off or take it easy and go for a walk. So listen to your body cues!

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