7 Ways to Encourage a Child Who Hates Studying ...


How can you help a child who hates studying? For some kids, studying does not come easy, and as their parent you'll worry that this will affect their grades. But forcing them to study won't help - it's more productive to encourage them. So what can you do to help? Here are some ways to help a child who hates studying …

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Identify the Problem Areas

The first step in helping a child who hates studying is to identify what the problem is. Do they find it difficult to remember things, or is the subject one they don't enjoy? Is it the way the subject is taught? Once you know what is behind their dislike of studying, you can work on strategies to help them study better.


Fun Presentation

Sometimes it's not so much the subject that is the problem as the way it is presented. Giving the subject a fun presentation can help awaken your child's enthusiasm. For example, many children (and adults) find history boring, but enjoy it more when it's given a more lively approach.



Studying can be boring when it's just about trying to memorise facts. Museums have worked out that kids like the interactive approach and have developed exhibits that they can get involved with. Do this with studying, and your child can feel much more closely involved with the topic.


Relate to Real Life

The topics a child has to study can often seem to have very little to do with real life, so that they can't see the point of learning about these topics. Try to show them how their studies relate to real life, and the topics will make more sense. This will awaken their interest and help them feel more engaged.


Make It Fun

Children have to study some subjects that they don't enjoy, so make the subject more fun for them. If your child hates studying maths, you could make it more enjoyable by illustrating the maths problems with doodles. This will distract them from the fact that they don't enjoy maths, and they may even end up finding it more interesting.


Encourage Them to Explore

Studying can be very dull if it's only about learning facts. So encourage them to explore the topics that they hate and find new angles that they haven't thought of. This can make the topic feel fresher and reawaken their interest. It doesn't matter if they cover ground that isn't in the official curriculum, as long as they study the things they need to learn as well. The important thing is to grab their interest.


Point out Positive Results of Studying

It's not just the official results that count - you should also point out the less obvious benefits of studying. Perhaps they've learned how to research a topic, or time management. If your child sees that they have learned useful skills and improved their performance, it will encourage them.

Your child may never learn to love studying, but it is important that they do learn we sometimes have to do things we don't enjoy. They won't have to study forever, but learning how to complete work will provide them with useful life skills for when they grow up and start work. What was your favorite subject at school, and which one did you hate?

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