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It can make for a very frustrating situation when your child is lazy. Laziness is not a trait that you want to see continue in your child. It is something you want to nip in the bud before it becomes a deeply ingrained habit. These are some things you can do when your child is lazy to get them past that.

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Set a Good Example

One of the most important things you can do when your child is lazy is set a good example. It is hard to explain the value of a good work ethic when you yourself do not display it. Of course you want to have a good work and play balance in your own life but if your child never sees you working at anything, they don’t have a good example to follow. You do not have to be employed to set a good example of good work ethic. Working at keeping your home going or taking care of your family is a very true form of work.


Have Expectations

Children tend to meet our expectations more often than not. If you expect them to be lazy, they probably won’t disappoint you. If you expect them to have a good work ethic for their age, they probably will meet that expectation. It is important to let them know what your expectations are. Most children want to please you, so they try to meet the expectations you have of them.


Don’t Hand over Cash

One way to motivate your child to work is to stop handing over cash. Make them earn their spending money. When they want money to buy something, think of some chores they can do to earn that money. Reward is highly motivational. If they want the object badly enough, they will be willing to work for it.


Talk about Work Ethic

It can be a good thing to talk to your children about the work ethic. Let them know good work ethic is a good trait and that laziness is not. It is good to let them know what traits are thought well of and what are not. Give them some examples of each to help them understand. This can help them to develop respect for those that have a good work ethic and work toward that themselves.


Link Privileges to Chores

Sometimes positive reinforcement does not work. For those times, you have to get a little more creative. Linking privileges to chores is a way to do that. This is especially beneficial as your children become pre-teens and teenagers. One way to do this is insist that chores are done before they have internet access for the day.


Use Praise

Of course you want to choose positive reinforcement when you can. Praising your child for their efforts and not being lazy is a great choice. Receiving praise will make them want to work harder. Children almost always enjoy praise. It can be highly motivating to them.


Be Consistent

Consistency is so important in every aspect of parenting. It teaches your children what to expect from you. They learn what they can and can’t get away with. If laziness is tolerated sometimes then they will continue to be lazy, knowing that sometimes they can get away with it. If you always insist on them doing what they are supposed to instead of being lazy, they will learn that as well and be less likely to push the boundaries.

Laziness can be a very difficult thing for parents to deal with in their children. What helped you in this situation? How did you get your child to overcome laziness?

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So right! I try for all of these. My kids do pretty well with it all, especially as they reach teen years.

Great tips! I'll keep them in mind to use with my boyfriend!

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