7 Gentle Parenting Hacks That Really Work ...


Since parenting in a gentle, caring and respectful way is no easy task, here are a few parenting hacks that really work. It can be very frustrating when your child is refusing to cooperate, when they are ignoring you or when they are simply defying you, especially when you treat them with love and respect. In these situations, it’s very important to stay calm and to focus your energy on trying to solve the problem, to convince your child to perform the daily tasks that are required of them, like getting dressed, getting their shoes on or even getting into their car seat. Here are a few gentle parenting hacks that will help you deal with defiance in a very effective way, that don’t involve losing your temper or punishing your child:

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Show Me; I’m Not Sure I Know How

One of the most helpful parenting hacks you could use if you are trying to convince your child to do something is to simply pretend that you don’t know how to do that thing. Young kids love to prove their knowledge, so try not to minimize their abilities and allow them to show you that they know how to do it.


The Big Race

This is such a fun activity, both for you and for your little one. If you want to convince them to do a certain task, just propose a race. It will get the job done without a fuss and they will have a lot of fun too. You could try to count out loud or you could even use a stopwatch because this way, you will remind your child that the race is on.


Surprise Me

If your child is refusing to cooperate, is ignoring you or they are simply defying you, try to remind them that you would be very surprised if they will do as you asked them to do. Then, simply ignore them to give them a chance to complete the task at hand and if they do it, make sure that you show them how grateful you are to encourage a repeat performance.


You Can Scream Louder than That

This is a trick that really works, especially when you are dealing with a child who loves to defy you. If your kid is throwing a major tantrum and you’re about to lose your temper, just act like their behavior is not affecting you and challenge your little one to take it up a notch by telling them that you know they can scream louder than that. Most kids will be surprised by your attitude and by your indifference and they will stop screaming.


Will You Be My Helper?

One of the easiest ways to convince your child to do something you want is by asking them to be your little helper. For example, if you are cleaning your house and you want them to gather all their toys and put them in one place, ask them to be your assistant and reward them afterwards for a job well-done. This technique will have better results than a repeated request to clean their room.


Don’t You Dare!

Try some reverse psychology. When your kid is feeling defiant, go along with it and find a way to convince them to do exactly what you want even if it seems like it's the opposite of what they want to do. For example: “Don’t you dare do your bed this early in the morning!” or “Don’t you dare put on your pajamas; I don’t want you to make me read you stories!”.


Let’s Pretend

Engage your child’s imagination when you are trying to convince them to do their daily tasks because this way they will have more fun and their tasks will seem more interesting. For example: “Do you know how a little princess cleans her home?”

There are a lot of tricks you can use to convince your child to take care of their daily tasks. Do you know any other gentle parenting hacks that really work? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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I babysat sooo many children in my life and practically raised quite a few baby cousins and I'm only 19. Trust me this is great advice. Cause you figure out on your in how to handle children in every situation.

good advice 😊

I can scream louder than that always works like a charm.

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