7 Ways to Teach Children about Giving to Others at Christmas ...


7 Ways to Teach Children about Giving to Others at Christmas ...
7 Ways to Teach Children about Giving to Others at Christmas ...

Are you searching for ways to teach children about giving to others? Christmas is a good time to do this. There are many opportunities to reach out to others during the holidays. These are some ideas for ways to teach children about giving to others.

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Deliver Cookies to an Elderly Neighbor

This is one of the easiest ways to teach children about giving to others. It’s common in many neighborhoods to share Christmas cookies with others. This is an especially nice gesture when you have elderly neighbors that may not make cookies for themselves. You can have your children help you make cookies and deliver them. Seeing someone happy to receive something they helped to make is a way to help your children learn the joy of giving.


Donate to Charity

Many charities need donations at Christmastime. Think about what you and your children can donate. Maybe you can donate money or some gently used clothing that your children have outgrown. Even something as small as dropping change in a donation bucket can help teach your children about giving. This is especially true if you encourage them to give a little of their own money.


Shop for Gifts Together

This is a way to teach your children about giving that’s also fun. Take them along with you when you go Christmas shopping. Let them help you select gifts. It’s a good time to talk about how you can enjoy giving to others. It’s easy for this to sink in when you’re in the middle of a process that involves giving.


Help Serve Dinner to the Less Fortunate

There are many places that serve dinner to the less fortunate on Christmas. It may feel like a bit of a sacrifice to spend your Christmas doing this but it’ll be something both you and your child will never forget. It’s a Christmas memory that’ll make a big impact. Realizing there are people in the world with much less than you is an opportunity for your children to learn many lessons. It can teach them to give to others and also to appreciate what they have.


Talk about It

This is a simple and often overlooked way to teach your children about giving. Have some conversations about giving to others. Talk about ways that you can do that and why you would choose to give to others. Sharing your heart for giving can give your child a better understanding of the concept. It can more easily become something they share in.


Sponsor a Child

You and your children can sponsor a child for Christmas. This may be one of the best ways to help them learn about giving because they’re giving to someone close to their age. It can help them understand the reason to give when they realize that other children may not be as fortunate as they are. There are also programs where you can sponsor a child in need year round. It’s all about what fits you and your family.


Model It

The most important way you can help your child learn about giving is to have a giving heart yourself. Whatever you model in front of your children is what they’re most likely going to do. I’ve often heard it said that parenting is more caught than taught and I completely agree. Our children are more likely to pick up our personal habits and behaviors than what we tell them they should do. While this can be a bit intimidating to think about, it’s also good motivation for us as parents to make good choices.

These are 7 ways you can help your child learn about giving. Is this something you’re working on with your children? What have you found that works?

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My daughter is 8 she always buys a toy and donates it and writes a little note , and we both volunteer at a homeless shelter making food :)

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