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There is nothing in the world better than hearing your children laugh. Fortunately, kids of all ages will bust a gut over certain things. As a parent, it’s totally awesome to be the one that gets them to crack up like that. In fact, parents are often willing to do anything over and over again if it makes their little ones laugh. Want to get your kids giggling? Try some of these things and they’ll be rolling on the floor in no time.

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Corny Jokes

Corny jokes are a sure fire tactic for making my kids laugh. Even the dumbest jokes usually get a chuckle. You can find jokes right at your fingertips by searching jokes for kids on the internet. You can also check out joke books at the library. There are jokes for holidays, certain ages and themes so you’ll never be without a good quip.


Old Songs

For some reason, the music I listened to growing up makes my kids laugh. The language was different and the sounds are interesting compared to what’s on the radio today. Not everything makes them laugh, but if you play some of your favorite songs from your own childhood, your kids might crack right up. Locomotion, anyone?


Your Yearbook

Nothing will get your kids guffawing more than looking at your yearbook pictures. Whether it’s you or your friends, they are going to get a kick out of seeing the hairstyles and clothing that was cool when you were a kid. My kids always laugh when they see my huge glasses from the late 80s. What would your kids laugh at when they see your picture?


A Trampoline

How can you not laugh when you’re jumping on a trampoline? It’s pretty much impossible. Yes, I know that the experts say that trampolines are a death trap. While I tend to agree with that, I do find it hilarious to take my kids to a jump center and let them laugh and bounce in a safe place.


Bathroom Humor

Maybe it’s not always socially acceptable, but bathroom humor cracks kids up every time. My kids like to drag out all their best bathroom words and jokes when we sit down to dinner. You want to keep control of this while you’re out in public, but at home, sometimes is pays to be a little more laid back just to hear them laugh.



More specifically, watching their parents dance. When my kids are down in the dumps or trying to pout, all I have to do is start dancing and pretty soon they are guffawing. Most of the time, they even get up and start dancing too. Try it out – once your kids see you busting a move, they won’t be able to stop laughing.



Kids of all ages love balloons! Even junior high kids can’t resist batting them around. Toddlers will laugh hysterically while playing with a balloon. It’s so much fun! Older kids will laugh as they play with a balloon or use it to make their hair stand on end. A word of caution – balloons are a choking hazard so play with caution.

What makes your kids laugh? Feel free to share so we can all get our little ones laughing anytime the need arises. Which of these ideas are you going to try?

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Yes kids like to make fun of things you say about in "the olden days " as if it was the ice age . They especially laugh at sayings you've picked up when young . As most of the sayings or comparisons are outdated and make no since to them but they love to hear them for to get a howl. So thinking parents are naive , they'll ask you to say another one & then howl some more . One saying my great aunt would say if hearing something remarkable was "was well skin me a sheep ". As kids my siblings would crack up as you would have to go back in history a long time to actually see the referencing point .

This is so cute :)

My kids laugh at the silly songs i make for a certain situation. Like if they're not waking up in the morning i usually rhyme some words and include their name. Their sleepy smile first thing in the morning is precious. Usually i joke a lot and kids sometimes say "mums don't say this" and start laughing.

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