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Lifesaving Hacks for when You Are Babysitting ...

By Alicia

Are you babysitting for some extra money this summer? These’ ae some hacks to help you get more work as a babysitter and to be the most loved babysitter in the neighborhood. Parents will love you and so will their little tots. With these lifesaving hacks for babysitters, you’ll have more work than you can handle.

1 Have Business Cards Made That Include Your Personal Info and Rates

This gives parents all your information in the space of one little business card. It puts your info at their fingertips. They can stick it in their wallet or put it on the fridge. But you’ll never miss a job again because they can’t remember your number or what you charge. It’s a small investment for your babysitting business that can pay off big.

2 Take along a Bag of Secret Toys and Tricks

Kids get bored with their own toys. So if you show up with a bag of secret toys, you’re going to be their favorite person. It can be fun to decorate a bag just for your babysitting charges, too. You might even want to refer to it as your magic bag or some other enticing name. Packing a few tricks in there for when the evening’s going rough is a good idea, too.

3 Add Sprinkles to Everything

Aren’t sprinkles fun? Even as an adult, you have to admit they make treats a little more special. This is one of the things you might want to pack in your magic bag. Add sprinkles to their ice cream, pancakes or even their milk. You’ll be their favorite sitter ever.

4 Make Monster Spray to Use in the Event of a Monster Emergency

Monster spray can save the day when your babysitting charges are afraid of the dark. You can spray the room with monster spray to make it safe for them to sleep. Monster spray doesn’t have to be anything special. Water by itself is fine or you can add some glitter to give it a special touch. Decorate a spray bottle with stickers or add a fierce looking label and you’re ready to fight monsters.

5 Download Some Kid-Friendly Games onto Your Phone

Kids love electronics just like we do. Sometimes their parents’ phones are off limits so letting them play with yours is a real treat. Download some kid friendly games for them to enjoy. Of course you want to make sure that the parents don’t mind them playing games first. But this can buy you a peaceful evening while you’re being paid as if you’re working hard.

6 Make Bath Time Fun with Bath Paints

Do have trouble getting the little ones you’re babysitting to agree to bath time? Battle no more with bath paints. Little ones can paint the tub and get clean in the process. When they’re done, simply rinse away the residue. It’s a good idea to test it out first to make sure it doesn’t stain: the child or the bathtub.

7 Have Fun with Your Babysitting Charges

Lastly, make it a point to have fun with the little ones in your care. If you’re having fun then they’re probably having fun, too. Kids are intelligent. They can pick up on if someone enjoys being with them or not. If you like babysitting them, they’ll know and like you right back.

These are 7 hacks to help make your babysitting easier and better than ever. What would you add to this list? Sharing your hacks can help other babysitters be better at their job.

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