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Whether you have little ones of your own or if the time you spend around kids is reserved for babysitting, it’s vital to be on your toes when it comes to safety. Children are not always well-known for making good judgement calls and they can get pretty crazy too. That’s why it’s up to you to ensure they are safe while they play, bathe and eat. Understanding the potential dangers can go a long way toward making sure the kids in your care are as safe as possible. Make sure to keep these things away from your kids.

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Detergent Pods Look like Candy, but They Can Be Deadly

Detergent pods are all over store shelves and are a super convenient way to get your clothes clean. However, they look like candy to lots of kids. After all, they are brightly colored pods that look perfect for licking or chewing on. The truth is that they can kill little kids if they are eaten so make sure they are stored completely out of reach.


Immersion Blenders Are a Recipe for Disaster

I love my immersion blender! It’s perfect for making creamy soups, whipping mashed potatoes and making homemade refried beans. As great at is, it also poses an injury risk to my children. The blades on the blender are very sharp and can cause devastating cuts and lacerations so make sure you tell your kids that it’s not a toy and then store it where your little ones can’t reach it.


The Television Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think

I’m not talking about too much screen time here, though that’s something you need to consider for other reasons. According to the experts at Parents magazine, a child is injured by a television every 30 minutes. That’s usually because the TV tips over and falls on the child. Use furniture anchors to keep yours stable – even if junior decides to climb the entertainment center.


Spray Bottles Might Be Fun, but They Can Be Scary Too

One of the only times I’ve ever had to call Poison Control was when I was spot cleaning the carpet and my son grabbed the Resolve, stuck it in his mouth and sprayed. Why wouldn’t he when he had toy spray bottles in the tub and pool? Kids don’t know the difference between the bottles that contain chemicals and the ones that are toys, so be sure you keep the dangerous ones on a high shelf where they can’t be reached. And make sure they are always in the “off” position when not in use. Luckily, after a glass of apple juice, my son was just fine.


The Hamper is a Hidden Danger You Have to Consider

Those handy collapsible hampers are perfect for schlepping your tons and tons of laundry to the washing machine and back, but they can be dangerous too. Kids like to play in them when they’re empty because they provide the perfect hiding place or impromptu fort. However, the wires have been known to cause eye injuries so check yours to be sure the wires are completely enclosed in fabric and try to keep your kids from playing with the hamper. A cardboard box is always an enticing alternative!


Prescription Drugs Are a Nightmare when It Comes to Kids

So many pills, tablets and caplets are candy colors and make kids want to eat them. For that reason, you must be absolutely sure that you keep all medications out of the hands of kids. The ideal situation is to keep them locked up, but you must also be careful about the ones you carry in your purse. Make sure Grandma and Grandpa keep theirs out of reach too when they visit.


Recalled Items Can Be Risky

It’s important to keep on top of recalls when it comes to your child’s toys, clothing and furniture. For example, the drop side cribs my kids slept in are no longer considered safe because they can cause injuries or suffocation. Make sure you are on recall lists so you can get alerts when something is recalled. If it’s something your child owns, remove it from his bedroom or playroom immediately.

What other things do you keep out of the reach of your children? Do any of these items surprise you?

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I'm working with babies at a child care centre and I have to move a lot of things out of reach or away - could be something big, something small, it never ends!

Great advice

The very first one happens a lot. I saw it on the news. And the one about medicine, I can say to even keep non prescription ones out of reach. I learned to unlock the safety seal on my own at a VERY young age and gave my sister medicine for her cold because my mom was on the phone. It didn't hurt her since it was cold medicine, but I grabbed the wrong medicine it could've been a disaster

I toke notes. Thank you!

*if i gave the wrong medicine

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