Ways to Appreciate Our Parents More While They Are Still Here ...


Sometimes we forget how important our parents are. If you’ve been blessed with good parents then you want to do your best to appreciate them while they’re still here. Many people aren’t fortunate in having caring parents so you want to count your blessings if you do. These are some ways you can show your love and appreciation.

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Recognize Them on Holidays

This is one of the easiest ways to appreciate your parents. Recognize them on holidays. Of course you want to remember their birthdays, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Christmas or other holidays your family celebrates. It’s also good to celebrate their anniversary or even send a card or small gift for a smaller occasion such as Halloween. You don’t need a reason to do something kind for your parents but these are some good opportunities to do so.


Acknowledging special occasions is a sweet gesture, but the beauty lies in making each day count. Small tokens of affection—even a handwritten note or a heartfelt conversation—can mean the world. Try to also carve out quality time, perhaps setting up a weekly lunch date, to ensure they feel cherished year-round, not just on noteworthy dates. True appreciation often shines through in these everyday moments, reflecting the depth of your gratitude for their presence in your life.


Listen to Their Advice

Most of us have parents that love to give advice. Sometimes it’s not something you really want to hear. But you can show your appreciation for them by listening. You don’t have to take their advice but give them the opportunity to share it. You can weigh it out in your mind and decide if it’s the right choice for you.


Learn from Their Life Lessons

Your parents have an advantage in that they’ve lived a longer life than you have. In that aspect, they probably have some wisdom to share. Just as you’ve learned some life lessons in your life, they have too, and most likely more of them. Listening to them talk about the lessons they’ve learned can help you avoid having to go through the same experiences that taught them those lessons. Learning from them can save you some heartache and show them appreciation, too.


Realize All They do for You Now

Your parents not only took care of you as a child but they may do many things for you now just because of their love for you. They may give you money at times, babysit, bring you medicine when you’re sick or other things. Realizing what they do for you now that you’re an adult is important. It gives you a true appreciation for them. Sharing that you appreciate all they do is a nice thing to do.


Ask Them for Help on Occasion

This can go both ways. You can ask for help too much but asking for it on occasion is a good thing. Parents love to help their children. Whether it’s asking them to help you with a project or in brainstorming ideas for something, it’s a compliment to be asked. It shows you have confidence in their abilities.


Do Special Things for Them Just Because

Everyone loves just because gifts. They don’t have to be anything major. It could be as simple as picking up their favorite magazine or bringing them a coffee on your way over to visit. Little things mean a lot. They show thoughtfulness and appreciation.


Spend Time with Them

Most parents will tell you that time with their children is what they want most of all. Spend time with your parents on a regular basis. It’s difficult when you’re young and have your own life but it’s a decision you won’t regret. Even an hour on a Sunday afternoon can feel like a gift to them. They treasure their time with you.

These are 7 ways you can appreciate your parents. How do you show your parents you appreciate them? There are many unique ways you can do this.

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There such simple and sweet ideas I love my parents so much and spending time with them creates more memories with them

I really appreciate this article some of the words I tell my children And do the same to my mom

Sunday dinner with the 'rents is a tradition in my fam.

Respect ur parents n treat them with love always

All good advice. Mine are both gone now but I would tell anyone lucky enough to still have a mum and dad, try to remember that they too are people in their own right,a woman and a man not just here solely for your benefit.

This is important. You can't tell them or show them when they're gone!

I agree so much. I St my parents every weekend that they think I don't have a life...Haha. Yes I agree but then sometimes with other people circumstances can change that. However the article is great and true. If they are near by and u get on with them an hour a week is good or a fortnight or whenever and it feels good too.

Love this article, because there are not many like this! Everyone should respect his parents!

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