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There are virtually millions of things to build with Legos, so you should never have a shortage of great ideas. The sets are super fun to put together, but you can also stock up on loose bricks so you can create your own masterpieces. I think my kids have more fun with their own ideas than they do putting together the big sets. If you have loads of loose bricks lying around, now is the time to come up with some new things to build with Legos. You’ll have some fun and your kids will love seeing what you come up with.

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A City

A City My kids and I once spent an entire afternoon building a city out of Legos. We had a great time adding new features and coming up with new ideas. It didn’t stay together for long, but it was one of the best things to build with Legos that we’ve ever come up with. Make sure you include houses, a mall, a grocery store, a hospital, restaurants and a school. You will never forget how much fun this is to put together.


Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship You don’t have to have a set to put together an epic cruise ship. Use the flat base pieces to construct your shape, then traditional bricks to add the walls. Then add all the stuff that makes a cruise ship so great. A swimming pool, buffet table, cabin rooms and even an amusement park will make your ship perfect for a Lego vacation. Don’t forget to add some vacationers.


Space Station

Space Station There are lots of Lego shapes that make them perfect for building something futuristic. Use all those fancy pieces to make a space station. Build the computers and all the other equipment, then add a landing pad for the rocket you’ll inevitably be putting together next. Construct some planets and stars to round out your creation.



Food What kid doesn’t like snacks? Most Lego sets come with extra bricks that you need to do something with so you aren’t stepping on them in the middle of the night. Use them to make burgers, fries, ice cream, sandwiches, pasta, sushi or any of your child’s other favorite foods. You can make lots of tiny pieces of food then use them to play cooking or restaurant. Fun times!



Robots The great thing about robots is that you can make them any size, shape and color that you want. That gives kids free rein to make a robot that looks any way they want it to. Make them all one color or use a bunch to make fancy colorful robots. No matter how you do it, don’t forget to add gadgets and stuff to make them look realistic. Your kids are going to love this!



Animals Imagine a zoo made entirely of bricks. What fun it would be to make a bunch of animals and their enclosures! My kids love animals so a zoo is a perfect way to indulge them while also playing with their favorite toy, which just so happen to be Legos. Build panda bears, elephants, lions and tigers or create your own magical creatures to showcase to your zoo visitors.



Towers Nothing is more fun than impressing your kids with a tower that is taller than they are. In fact, I can still make my kids smile by doing this. Just grab a bunch of the square bricks and start putting them together. Keep going until the tower reaches above your child’s head. What fun!

What do you like to make with Legos? The options are virtually limitless so use your imagination and get your kids in on dreaming up new things every day. Making these memories together is something you’ll never regret! Which one of the things on this list is the next Lego creation in your house?

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Wow ! How clever ! Love the cruise ship!

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