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Do you need tips for dealing with a stubborn child? This article can point you in the right direction. Dealing with a stubborn child can be frustrating to say the least. These tips for dealing with a stubborn child can help you to have much better results.

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Don’t Enter into a Battle of Wills

Rule number one in the tips for dealing with a stubborn child is to not enter into a battle of wills. A stubborn child will debate and negotiate until they wear you down if you allow them to. They are happy to try to match you. To prevent this, don’t go there with them. Avoid entering into a discussion where you are both locked into a differing perspective.


Say What You Need to and Walk Away

So, if you don’t want to get caught in a battle of wills with your stubborn child, what do you do? Say what you need to and walk away. Don’t leave room for an argument. State what you need to say and exit the area. If you stay in the room, more than likely your stubborn child will try to begin debating with you and wearing you down.


Remain Calm

It is always best to remain calm when you are dealing with a stubborn child. If they can sense they are getting to you, it is somewhat of a reward to them and encourages them to keep going. They may feel they are closer to getting you to give them what they want. Staying calm will let them know you are in control of the situation. It also makes it easier for you to handle the situation when you are calm.


Make Consequences Clear

It is best to make the consequences clear up front when you are dealing with a stubborn child. This leaves no room for debate. They know what will happen if they do not do what they are supposed to do. There is no need to discuss it later. You made it clear from the beginning.


Don’t Give in

A stubborn child will make it their goal to get you to give in to them on any issue. They can be very persistent in their efforts. It is best to stay strong and not give in to them. If you give in, you are teaching them that they can get their way by pushing you, negotiating and arguing. It is a reward for their stubbornness and reinforces a behavior you do not want to encourage.


Praise when You Can

You also want to praise whenever you can. Sometimes stubborn kids require a lot of correction. So whenever you have the opportunity, praise them. Try to catch them doing something kind and let them know you appreciate it. Brag on them when they do what you ask without an argument.


Harness It in the Right Direction

Being stubborn is not a totally bad thing. The key is to harness that personality trait and steer it in the right direction. Do your best to get your child to be determined about the right things. Then the stubbornness will be an asset to them. It can propel them to heights that will surprise you both.

These are some tips to help you when you are dealing with a stubborn child. Do you have a stubborn child? What have you found that helps in dealing with them?

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