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Are you searching for some alternatives to spanking that work? Discipline can be a tricky issue for parents and sometimes it takes a combination of different methods. It is always good to have more than one option in mind when you are dealing with a situation with your child. These are some ideas you can use as alternatives to spanking

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Revoking Privileges

For many kids this is the one of the best alternatives to spanking. Taking something away that they enjoy can be the way to get their attention quickly. Most kids do not like going without their electronic devices, television or cell phones. It can actually be quite amazing how quickly their attitudes can change. Once your children realize this can and will happen to them, it also helps prevent a lot of bad behavior.


Making the Punishment Fit the Crime

This is probably one of the best ideas in parenting. Let the punishment fit the crime. An example of this would be if your three year old colors on the wall then they have to wash the wall. Even if you know they cannot wash it off completely, making them make an effort to fix what they have done wrong is a good idea. It teaches them a valuable life lesson, too.



There is a reason that the idea of time-out is still around. It often works. But it is important to realize that time-out has to have some stipulations to truly accomplish its purpose. Time-out needs to occur in a place that is not fun such as a room with no television. It also needs to be the same place every time. This saves you the trouble of having to figure out a good location each time.


Having a Heart-to-Heart

I will be honest here. I have really found that many times, a heart-to-heart with my own children is insightful and saves us the need for discipline. Trying to find out what is going on with your children and understanding their actions is very helpful. Once you understand them better, you are in a better position to offer guidance. This helps bring you closer to your children.


Extra Chores

Sometimes misbehavior occurs because of boredom. When kids get bored, they tend to pick fights with their siblings or other children. They may also find other mischief to get into. Finding them something to do is key here. When misbehavior starts, find them a chore to do to keep them occupied.


Rewarding Good Behavior

Many times kids act up to get attention. They want to be noticed. If they aren’t getting noticed for positive behavior, they will resort to negative behavior. So, do your best to catch your child behaving well or making a kind or caring gesture and make a big deal out of it. Pour on the praise and encouragement and they may continue with it.


Making Them Miss out

Sometimes, bad behavior has to cost a child something before they realize the consequences. Making them miss out on a playdate or a trip with friends is a good way to do that. It can be difficult to make your child miss out on things because you want to see them happy. But you have to remind yourself that you are working toward a bigger purpose here; that of having a well-rounded child and later, a well-rounded adult. It is the kindest thing to do in the long run.

What alternatives to spanking work for you? Share your ideas here. Moms offering other moms help is a beautiful thing.

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I'm sorry I don't believe in hitting child, with the same token there is no one size fits all discipline. These methods work for a week with my children, my daughter is 6 and we have to change our methods often because they genuinely don't work after a couple of weeks, my son has autism so talking him down is the only thing we can do, and I would genuinely love to see anyone get my one year old on a time out or naughty spot. I feel you have to adapt to the child as each on is individual.

Whenever my nephew would misbehave I would stop what I was doing and we would hug it out. After a few minutes of hugging, he would say 'Sowwy' and do what he was suppose to do. Now, was I rewarding his misbehavior? I don't think so, cause I was the same and I misbehaved for attention and all I really wanted was a hug.

Great article! I think spanking just models to children that the way to deal with issues is to use physical punishment. It also teaches them not to get caught, which can raise a whole other set of behaviours (like lying).

Spanking is good tbh

Different things work for different kids but I found talking through the issue and explaining the reason behind my own reaction worked for my kids. I would then give them a choice of different actions and consequences. For example if the want to buy something they money will be gone so they won't be able to go on an outing that weekend. It takes a long time and it's not for the faint hearted but it teaches reasoning and responsibility :)

I used to use a mild oregano oil for my children when they misbehaved. If the behaviour was bad enough and called for it, I made them take a drop on their Tounge and would not permit them to drink water for a few minutes. The oregano oil has countless health benefits, and can not harm the child. But it tasted so bad to them that they never committed the same "crime" again. It always worked.

I disagree with time out, for younger children it doesn't do anything 😐

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