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7 Tips on How to Be a Cool Mom ...

By Holly

Every mother wants to know how to be a cool mom - one that her kids think of as a friend as well as a mother. The thing is, that most moms over-think the whole “cool mom” persona (think Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls!) and in turn, find themselves letting their kids do things they’re not comfortable with, simply because they feel that they should. If you’re wondering how to be a cool mom, read on!

1 Listen to Your Kids

One of the most important aspects of how to be a cool mom is listening to your kids. When your child comes to you with a problem, they are telling you in confidence and deserve all of your attention. As their mother, it is important for your children to know that you will always be there to listen, whether it be a problem they’re having or even if they just want someone to talk to.

2 Take an Interest

Knowing what hobbies your child has and doing these things with them is a really great way to earn their respect, and get to know them better in the process. Your kids will appreciate you taking an interest in the things that interest them, and this will then give you more things to talk about. Even if you don’t participate with your child, asking them questions about it is just as great.

3 Lay down the Law

Children respect parents who have clear boundaries. It’s fine to want to be your child’s friend, but you are their mom first. If you’re not comfortable with your child doing something, you are allowed to say no. It shows you love and care about the safety of your child. Always agreeing to everything can sometimes lead your child to feel as though you don’t care.

4 Respect Their Privacy

Having secrets is a large part of growing up and learning trust. It’s okay for your children to have secrets from you - obviously, if you feel as though your child is in danger then it’s a different story, but for the most part, respecting your child’s right to privacy is very important. They’ll let you know when they feel comfortable.

5 Have “You” Days

I know so many mothers who have special days with their children. Pick a day each month, for example, and have days dedicated to you two. Go shopping, play sport, take a class - whatever you both enjoy. It’ll give you a chance to really bond and it will show your child that you are genuinely interested in spending time with them.

6 Meet Their Friends

Knowing who your child is friends with is not only great at creating peace of mind for you, but it also lets them feel comfortable with bringing their friends home to hang out. Meeting and getting along with their friends is a really big deal in your kid’s mind, and it’s important you respect that!

7 Accept Their “Phases”

Every kid goes through different phases, be it fashion, music or personality - it’s all an important part of growing up and figuring out who they are. While some of these phases may not fit in to what you believe in or understand, it is crucial that you accept them anyway. They will grow out of them, but it’s important that you are there for them if they need you.

Being a “cool mom” isn’t as complex as you might expect! It really all comes down to being an understanding, patient and loving mother. Earning respect and trust from your kids is easy, if you are simply there for them when they need you. What are your tips for being a “cool mom”?

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