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7 Genius Ways to Keep Your Kids Quiet when You Are on the Phone ...

By Alicia

I believe most moms would love to know some genius ways to keep your kids quiet when you are on the phone. This is usually a challenging time. It seems that those are the times that your children want to act up the most, doesn’t it? These are some ways to keep your kids quiet when you are on the phone.

1 Prepare Them for Your Call

One of the ways to keep your kids quiet is to prepare them for the fact that you will be on the phone. I always tried to talk to my children before I made a call so they were aware I would be busy for a few moments. Another thing that works along this line is to have a code that you say to let them know you are making an important call. Just saying you have a business call works. Over time, they will learn that means it is a call you especially need their cooperation with.

2 Meet Their Needs

You do not want to make a phone call without making sure your kids have all of their needs met first. Making a call when your kids are ready for lunch and a nap is a recipe for disaster. Try to choose a good time to make your phone calls and they will go much smoother. Take the time to make sure your children have what they need while you are on the phone. It is a better option than being constantly interrupted during your call.


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3 Have Phone Kits

I wish I had known about this idea when my children were smaller. Have phone kits, phone boxes or phone bags at the ready. These are kits that contain some special toys for your child to play with only while you are on the phone. This keeps those items very special indeed. You can put in whatever is enjoyable for your child at their age.

4 Promise a Reward

Some people call it bribery but I prefer to call it rewarding. We all appreciate a reward, don’t we? Rewarding your child for their good behavior while you are on the phone is very effective. It gives them the extra incentive to be well behaved. The reward can be anything your child enjoys.

5 Have a Secret Stash of Treats

This is not the best choice out of these options but it works, and sometimes that is what you need in the moment. It is wise to use this one sparingly. If you overuse it, your children may learn that acting up is the way to get treats, which is not what you want. Save this option for the times when you are on a call that you have to make. In those times, sometimes a small bag of Skittles or a few Hershey’s Kisses are worth their weight in gold.

6 Turn to Technology

Too much technology can be a bad thing. Kids certainly need more than an iPad in the way of entertainment. They need good old fashioned outdoor fun. But when you are on a call, you may want to let that be a time technology is allowed. Pop in a favorite movie of theirs or use their favorite form of technology.

7 Discipline

I think it is always best when you can use other strategies. Discipline should be a last resort when other methods are not working, but sometimes that is what you have to do. If your child can’t behave when you are on the phone, you may need to send them to their room or use another form of discipline. Only you know what works best with your child.

Making phone calls can be challenging when you have children. I hope that I have offered you some helpful tips to make that easier for you. What other tips do you use?

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