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Most mothers would love to know how to raise siblings that love each other. It is the goal of most mothers to have children that cherish each other and have a lifelong friendship. This can seem difficult, if not impossible, in the midst of sibling rivalry. But there are some things that you can do to help that happen when you know how to raise siblings that love each other.

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Don’t Play Favorites

One of the best ways how to raise siblings that love each other is to not play favorites. Your children will pick up on favoritism very quickly. Even if you feel in your heart that you have a favorite, you can’t ever allow that to show. Additionally, you should work on making sure that you don’t have a favorite child. That is a situation that will only create hurt in your children’s hearts.


Encourage Them to Play Together

If you want your children to love each other and have a good relationship, they need to spend time together. Encourage them to play together. This may actually mean some arguments as they learn to do this. You may have to intervene sometimes to help them work out their differences. It can help to play with them so that you are clued in as to what is going on.


Teach Them to Be Friends

If you want your children to have a relationship where they enjoy each other, you will have to teach them to be friends. Yes this takes time but it is an investment that will pay off in years to come. This means you take time to not only make them share but also explain how it feels when someone doesn’t share. You have to work toward teaching them empathy. Once they learn this, they will be more caring toward each other and everyone else.


Encourage Them to Express Affection

If your children begin to be affectionate with one another at a young age, it will be their everyday norm. Helping them form this habit means they will never be uncomfortable giving each other a hug or saying that they love each other. Of course, every family is different and this can be tailored to each family. The main thing is that they know how to say that they care. This will help them to be closer as they grow.


Encourage Forgiveness

Siblings do argue and bicker. That is part of having a sibling. The important thing is that they learn to apologize and work it out. You can help this by expecting them to apologize when they have been unkind to one another. Children tend to live up to our expectations.


Talk about How Close They Are

This is another area where your children will live up to your expectations. If you expect a close relationship between them, they will most likely form that. If you expected them to dislike one another strongly, they will more than likely meet that expectation. Expecting something positive is a way of encouraging that positive behavior. This can be used in many different areas of parenting.


Encourage Their Unique Communication

Each set of siblings will find their own way to communicate. They may tease one another, have special nicknames or have inside jokes. Those are all good things. Those are ways that they have made their relationship unique. Let them know you love the way they relate to each other.

Raising siblings that love each other is something you need to take an active part in as a mother. What do you do to make sure this happens with your own children? I would love to hear your tips on this subject.

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yeah! my 4 kids love each other a lot! of course they fight too, but they always stick together! nice to see!

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