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Potty training books can be really handy when you‘re trying to teach your child how to use the potty. Most of them are full of great tips that you can use on a daily basis. Plus, potty training books can also provide you with a bit of light-hearted humor that's often needed during this time. If you’ve been looking for some ways to make the potty training process easier, here’s 7 great books for you to check out.

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Potty One of the cutest potty training books around is simply titled “Potty”. Your child will be able to watch as the little baby in the story learns how to use the potty. This book has cute illustrations and is simple to understand. “Potty” is part of a toddler book series that is written by author Leslie Patricelli. Each book in the series is based on her experience as a mother of toddlers and are worth checking out.


A Potty for Me

A Potty for Me “A Potty For Me” makes it easy to introduce the concept of using the potty to your child. It follows a gender-neutral toddler as they go through the ups ad downs of learning to use their potty. The pictures in the book are also big and colorful.


The Potty Book for Girls

The Potty Book for Girls “The Potty Book For Girls” was one of my daughter's favorite potty training books. It tells the story of a cute little girl named Hannah who loves hot pink. Hannah is able to do lots of things all by herself like eating, brushing her teeth and putting on her own clothes. One day, Hannah gets a huge surprise when her parents bring home a special gift just for her. Inside the gift box she finds her very own potty. Watch as Hannah learns to use her new potty all by herself.


The Potty Book for Boys

The Potty Book for Boys This book is basically the boy’s version of “The Potty Book For Girls”. However, “Potty Book For Boys” is about a little boy named Henry. Henry is becoming a big boy and enjoys doing things on his own like getting dressed and feeding himself. After getting a surprise potty from his mom and dad, Henry has to learn how to use the potty, too. The pictures in this book are really cute and shows that learning to use the potty can be fun.


Where’s the Poop

Where’s the Poop This book is a great choice for children who love animals. It also has lift-flaps on each page that your little one will love opening. It does a wonderful job showing children that their favorite animals have a place where they use the bathroom, too.


Potty Time

Potty Time “Potty Time” is an adorable book. It teaches the basics of potty training and is easy to understand. It also has a huge “flush me” button that makes a noise similar to that of a toilet flushing. Your little one is sure to love pushing the button over and over.


Potty Time with Elmo

Potty Time with Elmo If your little one is a fan of Elmo, they will love this book. This interactive book tells the story of how Elmo teaches his doll who is named Baby David how to use the potty. It also has buttons that feature character voices and funny sounds that your child will love pushing as you read the story to them or while they flip through the book alone.

As you can see, there are a lot of great potty training books available. Are there any additional titles that you would like to add to this list that your children have enjoyed? I can’t wait to hear your additions.

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