Top 10 Things for New Moms to Pack in Your Labor Hospital Bag ...


Top 10 Things for New Moms to Pack in Your Labor Hospital Bag ...
Top 10 Things for New Moms to Pack in Your Labor Hospital Bag ...

There are definitely some things you should pack in your labor hospital bag If you're an expectant mom you may be wondering what to take to the hospital and what you can leave at home. Once you're there, you will be in bed, hooked up to monitors, so it pays to be prepared before you arrive. Of course, if you do need something, your partner can run out for it. However, these are the things you should pack in your labor hospital bag for a great birth experience.

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One thing you will notice after the birth of your new little one is just how hungry you are. It may be a while until your food arrives so if you pack a few snacks, you and your partner will have something tasty to eat. Snacks top my list of important things you should pack in your labor hospital bag.


Phone Charger

This is self-explanatory, but an important necessity to have with you. Pack a spare charger in your bag for when you're ready to introduce your new arrival to the world.



Chances are your lips are going to get dry during labor and it's something small to help keep you comfortable.


Breast Pads

Whether or not you will be nursing, you will need breast pads during your hospital stay to prevent leaking onto your shirt.


Going Home Outfit

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but you will want to pack an outfit or two for your baby. He can't go home in his hospital gown and this is your first chance to put a really cute outfit on him.


Comfortable Clothes

Sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt are going to feel amazing after you get out of that hospital gown. A nursing tank might be helpful too if you plan to breastfeed.


A Swaddle Blanket

Most hospitals now have Halo Swaddle blankets, but it's sometimes nice to bring one from home as well.


A Camera

If you don't plan on using your camera phone, bring your digital camera so you and your partner can take pictures during your hospital stay. If you're lucky enough, maybe your nurse can take your first family photo for you.


Boppy Pillow

This is great, not only for nursing moms. but also great to have if a sibling or other younger child holds the baby for the added support.


Toothbrush and Hair Brush

Let's be honest, you might be so excited to meet your new bundle that you forget about yourself. Sure, the hospital has extras but it's nice to have your own.

Anything above and beyond this list is a personal preference, but you'll find that you won't use much more than what's on this list. Other necessities will be provided by the hospital.

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