Truths ✌️ about Becoming a Parent πŸ‘Ά Every Mom πŸ’― Should Know πŸ€” ...

There are some truths about becoming a parent every mom-to-be should know. Being a parent is a job that no one is ever really ready for. From the late night feedings to the terrible twos, motherhood is often the opposite of what you bargained for. Whether you have kids or are thinking about having them soon, these are things you should know before you say hello to your little bundle of joy. Here are the most important truths about becoming a parent every mom-to-be should know.

1. What Birth Plan?

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One of the most important truths about becoming a parent every mom-to-be should know is to forget about the birth plan. The term β€œbirth plan” might have come up in conversations with people who were either expecting a baby or are already parents. A birth plan is a list of everything a couple anticipates when giving birth to their baby. It is a list of preferences regarding the birthing process. Natural or epidural? Midwife or doctor? The list goes on and on. What many soon-to-be parents might not realize is that a birth plan has a very low chance of actually happening. Often mothers with good intentions of having a natural birth wind up needing the epidural or will have to change doctors at the last second. If you are getting ready to have a baby, sometimes it is best to expect the unexpected.

2. It Costs How Much?

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Having a baby is expensive with a capital dollar sign. From hospital bills to baby supplies, babies can drain your bank account faster than their bottles. In addition to diapers, baby wipes, and a crib, babies are constantly growing out of their clothes and needing new toys. The average cost of raising a child, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2013, is approximately 300K, not including college. Being financially ready for a child is definitely something to consider before having a kid.

3. Working Moms Have to do What?

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If you plan on going back to work after you have your baby, childcare is a must. Some mothers are blessed with a partner who stays home, or with a close family member who can babysit, although most mothers have to find childcare for their infant. This can not only cost a fortune but can also be hard to come by. In addition, mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies will most likely have to pump while they are at work. This can be difficult to do in certain work environments. Although rare, if your baby does not take a bottle, working might not even be an option.

4. Sleepless Nights Till when?

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Babies are unpredictable. Some parents get lucky with a baby that sleeps through the night within the first month, while other babies take years to finally sleep through the night. Before you decide to have a baby it is important to assess your ability to stay sane in the worst-case scenario.

5. Babies Are Awesome

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Parents often talk about the challenging parts of raising kids. And during endless bouts of crying, temper tantrums, and teenage rebellions, that is sometimes all a parent can really see. Although, the reward of having kids far outweighs the difficulty that they can be. When you are a parent you have unconditional love for your kids and they easily become the greatest joy in your life. With that said, babies are truly awesome.

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