The Expenses of Having a Baby ...

If you are messing around, or planning to have kids you better know what you are doing. Having just one baby can send you into economic turmoil. That is not to say, never have kids. But, it is to say, you better know what the heck you are getting into.

You have probably seen those talk shows like “Jerry Springer” and “Dr. Phil” over the years featuring some 13-year-old, screaming she wants to have a baby and won’t let anything stop her! Sometimes it’s two or three on one show! They bring in doctors, sociologists, and even drill sergeants to talk some sense into them… but it never seems to work. Oh, to be young!

But, what about when you are 16, a late teen, young adult, or a little older? You’re knockin’ boots on the regular. You know, doin’ the nasty! You get a little careless… “He said he was gonna pull out… I thought my period was coming,” you say. And, then there is also the breaking of condoms… sometimes on purpose!

Then there are those super young couples, who just got married… careers barely took root… “Let’s have a baby!” they proclaim. Are you ready for the cost? Babies are expensive, and there is a heavy cost in many other areas.

1. Baby Stuff

Baby showers help, but not when it really gets tough. You need formula, breast pumps, bottles, blankets, and warmers. There are car seats if you can still afford a car! You need baby food, a constant supply of new clothes, diapers, and baby shoes. You need a crib, strollers, rattles, and yes, you should be rattled by now! But, hold your Pampers, we are just getting started!