5 Newborn Essentials Nobody Has Told You about ...

By Debra

There are some essentials for newborns that you need to have before your baby is born. When preparing for a baby, it can seem a bit overwhelming. It's hard to know exactly what you will need until your precious little bundle of joy arrives. You, of course, are familiar with the basics. You know that you need diapers, wipes, a changing pad, a crib, bottles, plenty of clothes etc. There are some items that seem optional at the time but really come in handy once you bring your new baby home. Here are some other essentials for newborns that you may not have purchased yet.

1 Infant Swing

You may think this is an optional item but think again! Your little one is going to spend an awful lot of time just watching you or sleeping. You will appreciate having somewhere to put your baby besides the crib or a mat on the floor. Most infant swings also have a vibrating and rocking component that helps soothe your little one to sleep. A swing is one of the top essentials for newborns.

2 Swaddle

Babies like to feel safe and protected when they are sleeping. Having some type of swaddle or sleep sack will go a long way toward ensuring that you and your baby get a good night's sleep. There are several different kinds, anything from your classic swaddle that you fold around your baby, kind of like a burrito to a sleep sack that zips up the front.

3 Rocking Chair

As a parent, you will spend a massive amount of time in this chair. You need something that is very comfortable for those late-night feedings or when your little one needs a little extra love. Choose a chair with some type of footrest. You really might be here a while!

4 Sound Machine

Yes, yes and yes! Sound machines are a lifesaver. Not only does your baby associate the sound machine with either nap or bedtime, but it also helps drown out other noises in the home so that your little one gets quality sleep. Sound machines are really helpful when traveling as well.

5 Age Appropriate Toys

It seems that your little one probably won't be able to play with much right now, and you would be right. He is still going to want to watch you entertain him. Stock up on toys that either make noise or move. Your little one will appreciate the entertainment.

Knowing what to buy baby can be daunting. Know that you will learn as you go, and you do not have to buy everything at once. It also helps to talk to friends who have recently traveled this road. Here's to your newborn coming home!

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