9 Ways to Relax While Pregnant ...


9 Ways to Relax While Pregnant ...
9 Ways to Relax While Pregnant ...

Mothers-to-be should definitely know a few ways to relax while pregnant! Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it also brings physical and hormonal changes that can be demanding and stressful. Not to mention the toll it takes on your body! Making time to relax may not seem logical if you have a busy schedule, but it will be mandatory the further along you get in your pregnancy. Please read on for a few ways to relax while pregnant!

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Get a Pedicure

One of my favorite ways to relax while pregnant is by getting a pedicure! It’s hard enough to reach your toes as it is, so just kick back and let someone else do the work for you. Besides, that foot massage will feel great on swollen feet, and we all want pretty toenails for summer, right?


Have a Bubble Bath

Ah, the age-old method of relaxation. Bubble baths will do the trick every time! Light a candle and play some music if it will help you unwind and de-stress even more! Just be careful that the water isn’t too warm. Pregnant women have to keep their body temperature regulated for the health and safety of their little baby inside.


Go out for Dinner

Even those who love to cook need a break every now and then! Going out for dinner saves you from cooking or cleaning up. If you don’t feel like leaving your house, then order takeout! Cleanup will still be easy, and you may even get your spouse to help out if you absolutely don’t want to get up.


Sit out in the Sun

It’s important to get enough vitamin D when pregnant, so go ahead and sit out in a lawn chair for an hour or two! Grab a good book to read or catch a light snooze. Just be careful to avoid overexposure. You don’t want to get sunburned!


Sleep in

After the baby is born, you can bet that your chances of sleeping in will be few and far between. Take advantage of opportunities to sleep in now while you don’t have a bundle of joy to keep track of! Pregnant women need lots of rest, so nothing wrong with slipping in that extra hour or two of sleep.


Use Paper Utensils

Seems small, but avoiding the dreaded chore of washing dishes is more valuable than you might think. Especially if you have a few kids already! I don’t make it a habit to use paper plates often, but I keep a few on hand for those times when I just feel too tired to clean up or would prefer an easier cleanup.


Have Someone Take Care of Errands

Your to-do list is way too long. Grocery shopping, dropping off the library books, giving the dog a bath, vacuuming your carpets, picking up the dry cleaning, and washing all the baby’s new clothes can be done by someone else. Ask a friend or relative to help you out on days you feel particularly overwhelmed. It’s okay to be tired sometimes!


Get a Prenatal Massage

If you have the extra money to spend, getting a prenatal massage is a great way to relax and de-stress while pregnant! Just be sure you let the massage therapist know you are pregnant in case you aren’t showing very much yet. And drink lots of fluids, because massages tend to flush impurities out of your system!


Spend the Day Doing What You Want

After the baby is born, your life will be a whole lot different. You won’t have as much free time on your hands, so take advantage of it now! Spend a day doing what you want to do. Whether it’s crafting, reading, shopping, or laying on the sofa eating chips and watching Netflix, don’t feel bad! You deserve a break too.

Pregnancy is a demanding time physically, but it doesn’t need to be so hard. Make it easier on yourself and choose a few ways to relax while pregnant from off of this list! Which one is your favorite? Please comment below with all the ways that you think are great for relaxing while pregnant!

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Actually if you get a pedicure with a massage it's bad because no matter how far u are along it can induce labor prematurely

I enjoy either laying on the couch with my feet up with a good book or watching a good show/movie

I think you're supposed to tell them your pregnant. The only reason it could induce labor is if they push on a certain pressure point on your foot, which prenatal massages avoid. And if you tell the people you get a pedicure from they should know too. It should be completely safe.

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