8 Tips for Flying While Pregnant ...


8 Tips for Flying While Pregnant ...
8 Tips for Flying While Pregnant ...

If you plan to travel while pregnant, then tips for flying while pregnant might be helpful to know! As long as you’re not a high-risk pregnancy, then it’s perfectly safe to fly while pregnant! There are just a few things you can do to make your travel a bit more comfortable for you and baby. Read on for some fabulous tips for flying while pregnant!

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Talk with Your Doc

The best of all tips for flying while pregnant is to clear it with your doc first. He or she may want to check you before you leave, to make sure that nothing is out of place or presenting possible danger. If you would like, you can request papers from your doctor stating that you have permission to fly.


Wear Comfy Clothes

This tip is really important. You need to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. The same goes for shoes! Swelling ankles and feet will get very uncomfortable in tight or restricting shoes. Pack a jacket in case you get chilly in the airport lobby.


Drink Lots of Water

You will need to work extra hard at staying hydrated, since flying can be dehydrating. Take water with you, and request water to drink on the plane. Dehydration can cause you to get sick or pass out, so stay on top of it!


Pack Snacks

All pregnant women know the importance of packing snacks wherever they go! Make sure you take some healthy and nutritious snacks in your bag. Depending on how long your flight and layovers are, you will be thankful you have them!


Request an Aisle Seat

We all know that pregnant women spend large amounts of time in the bathroom, so requesting an aisle seat will make your trip to the girl’s room a little easier! If you’re stuck in a window seat, the person next to you may get tired of being crawled over every time you need a potty break. Plus, if you are drinking like you need to be in order to stay hydrated, your trips to the bathroom will be frequent.


Travel Light

Here’s a good tip for expectant mothers to heed, especially if you’re traveling alone! Travel light; don’t pack anything unnecessary in your carry-ons. Walking through the airport with heavy bags can be exhausting and besides, it’s less for you to keep up with!


Take a Pillow

Pack your favorite pillow with you on the plane ride. There are pillows that are easy to roll up small enough to fit inside your bag easily. Even if you don’t plan to nap, having a pillow can help you get comfortable in your seat. If you didn’t bring one, ask the flight attendant if you can use a complimentary pillow!


Walk as Much as Possible

If you’re going to be on a longer flight, chances are your plane will be bigger. Get up and walk around as much as possible, so you can eliminate the possibilities of leg cramps, swollen ankles, and blood clots. If the plane is too small for walking, at least take frequent bathroom trips and be sure to stretch really well when you are standing.

Most doctors will say that it’s not recommended to fly after 35 weeks of pregnancy. Flying during the first trimester might be a bit uncomfortable too, if you have lots of morning sickness or nausea. Have you ever flown during a pregnancy before? What tips can you offer for expectant mothers who plan to travel on a plane? Please share your thoughts!

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I'm pregnant and fly a lot for work. Check in your bag if it's heavier than 25 lbs because it's not good to carry anything over that weight. Definitely ask your your doctor if you are okay to fly (usually if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, flying should be safe for the first 8 months. Pack a small bag in case you vomit. I pack a scarf because the smell in planes make me feel sick so I use a scarf to help cover my nose.

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