7 Things to Sterilize before You Give It to Your Baby ...


7 Things to Sterilize before You Give It to Your Baby ...
7 Things to Sterilize before You Give It to Your Baby ...

When you are prepping for a new baby, there are a few things to sterilize before you give it to your bundle of joy for the first time! Even if you bought the item brand new, or someone gave it to you as a gift brand new, it’s still a good idea to sterilize items that will be going in or near your baby’s mouth and nose. Read on for my list of things to sterilize for a new infant!

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Some of the important things to sterilize for your little one are baby bottles! Baby bottles are easy to sterilize and you don’t need to buy a fancy machine or steamer for it. Just drop the bottles into a pot of already boiling water for five minutes. Remove them with tongs, and allow them to air dry! It’s important to make sure you have enough water to cover the bottles and to make sure the water is boiling before you drop the bottles in. You should also wash the bottles with soap and water first.



Of course nipples need to be sterilized! You can use the same technique mentioned previously for the bottles. Be very careful not to boil the nipples any longer than 5 minutes. Otherwise you risk increasing the size of the hole and choking your baby!



Pacifiers should be sterilized initially, but then again every few months or so. This is because pacifiers end up in lots of places and come into contact with many surfaces, so you want to be safe. You can boil them every time, or you could use pacifier-cleaning wipes.


Teething Toys

Teething toys and just about any other type of toys go into baby’s mouth, so naturally they should be kept clean. No need to boil them, but use baby wipes or pacifier cleaning wipes to wipe them down occasionally. For hard toys, you can wash them with a mild soap. For soft toys, toss them in the washer!


Nose Bulbs

Nose bulbs can get mold growing inside of them if they aren’t sterilized properly at least once every two months. Wash the bulb inside and out with a mild soap and hot water. Allow to air dry, and then boil it for five minutes. Air dry once more, and finally, rub the outside with rubbing alcohol. You could swish a little rubbing alcohol inside as well if you wish.



Thermometers are easy to sterilize. You should have two for your baby. One for anal use, and one for oral use. NEVER confuse the two! Both can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Easy as pie!



Some things that many people don’t think about sterilizing are their baby’s clothes and blankets! Whether they are hand-me-downs or brand new, you should follow these instructions to sterilize. Wash the clothes in hot water with a detergent specifically for baby. If you feel the need, add color-safe bleach. Dry the clothes on the hottest setting the dryer has, and use a fabric softener sheet to prevent static. Now your baby’s things are clean and ready to wear!

Remember, it’s always a good idea to wash or clean anything before the first use with your new baby. Infants have sensitive skin and low immune systems, so you want to protect them from harmful germs as much as possible! What items do you think are necessary to sterilize before giving them to your baby?

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I stopped sterilising my sons things when he started crawling, as then he started licking random things. Eg. Shoes, floors, cupboards, toys, even the occasional toe. He's as healthy as ever, and very rarely gets sick. Friends that have still immunised their babies bottles/things in to the toddler years are always having trouble with their kids being sick.

Once something is sterilised what happens to it once it taken out of the sterilising container? It becomes unsterilised! Have you seen the way nurses in hospitals wash baby bottles, they use HOT soapy water.

I never use dryer sheets with my 7 month old. The artificial fragrances are too harsh on his skin.

Actually studies show that giving ur baby a lot of those items unsterilized improves their immune system. As well as sterilized with parents saliva

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