How Can You Tell if You're Actually Pregnant?


As I write this article, I smile in excitement because I have some exciting news to share with you. I have a fourth bundle of joy on the way! With an 11 year old daughter, 9 year old daughter, 4 year old son and an expected baby girl due in July, life cannot get any better for me and my growing family. But let me share with you just how I knew I was expecting and you can know too. These are some signs that you could be expecting a miracle. But do not just take my word, follow up with your physician for a surefire confirmation!

1. Missed Period

If you are several weeks late for your time of the month, chances are something is up. Are you normally regular? If you are normally pretty regular and sexually active, you may want to take a pregnancy test. A positive result on the test is a surefire sign you may be pregnant. Since most of these tests are 99% accurate, there is little room for error; so head to a physician to confirm. With my last test I stared at the plus sign with disbelief, excitement and overjoy. I could not believe how blessed we are to welcome a new member into our family!

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