7 Whimsical Ways to Create a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower ...

If someone you know is having a baby, how about celebrating the event with a whimsical Dr. Seuss baby shower? In the spring, my sister was expecting her first baby (whom she just recently had) and I wanted to throw her a super awesome shower. Since she chose Dr. Seuss as the theme for the nursery, I thought it was fitting as the theme for the shower. Well, turns out it was so easy and so much fun to plan a Dr. Seuss baby shower! Here are some of the elements that I incorporated to pull the theme together.

1. Truffula Trees

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The first thing that I thought to include in the Dr. Seuss baby shower was truffula trees. These are the trees in The Lorax that were cut down to make Sneeds. Anyway, to make the trees, I just inserted lollipops and brightly colored feathers into foam balls. I then inserted a wooden dowel into the foam balls as tree trunks and covered them with decorative ribbon. To support the trees, I put some floral foam into a flower pot and inserted the opposite end of the dowel into the foam. Voila! A whimsical decoration that guests could also benefit from.

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