7 Ways to Make Your Child More Independent ...


Finding ways to make your child more independent can run the gamut. While children need to be dependent on the adults in their lives for many things to keep them safe and well cared for, part of the process of growing up is to become a little more independent all of the time. These ways to make your child more independent will help them in this process and you as well!

1. Give Them Time to Think

Especially with our little ones, it’s easy to read their minds, or so we think. Instead of finishing their sentences for them, let them do it. Learning ways to make your child more independent is a lesson for both of you. And yes, especially when they first start to learn their native language which can seem so foreign to them as it may take a while for them to form the words. Allow them to try, and it will get easier. How many things can you learn without a good deal of practice after all?

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